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The best apps, software, and downloads including iOS, Android, Google Maps, Waze, CarPlay, and more.

Amazon Echo Show 5 on a table with smart home controls

Amazon just released a big Alexa update with all these new features

November 4th, 2021

Every month, Amazon publishes a roundup on its Alexa blog highlighting all of the news from recent weeks. You might not realize it, but Amazon is constantly updating and upgrading its virtual assistant with added functionality. For example, in October, Amazon debuted new features that make it easier to move audio between Alexa-enabled devices in …

iPhone Sideloading

Craig Federighi says iPhone sideloading is a criminal’s best friend

November 4th, 2021

It was only a few weeks ago that Apple published a paper highlighting the threats of sideloading apps on iPhone. Apple compared the iPhone to Android, where sideloading is possible, and explained that sideloading increases the risk of downloading malware significantly. Apple’s paper is part of a more significant push from Apple to demonstrate to …

Facebook Face Recognition

Facebook is killing its controversial face recognition system

November 3rd, 2021

Facebook renamed itself Meta, but that’s not enough to wipe all of its problems away. Mark Zuckerberg and his team have a long journey ahead to win back the trust of consumers. And that won’t happen without meaningful change. But Facebook seems ready to right some wrongs of the past. It all starts with removing …

Zoom ads

Zoom wants to make free users look at ads to use its app

November 3rd, 2021

Before the pandemic, very few people outside of industries that require regular video calls had ever heard of Zoom. In 2021, Zoom is ubiquitous. Its popularity inevitably died down as the world opened back up, but many of us still use “zoom” as a verb. Furthermore, even as the infection rate continues to drop, many …

iPhone Hacking

US bans iPhone hacking firm NSO Group responsible for Pegasus attacks

November 3rd, 2021

The NSO Group is an Israel-based security firm dealing in hacking tools that law enforcement agencies use to hack smartphones. The company came under fire earlier this year. Security researchers found that attackers used the Pegasus family of hacking programs to target individuals. The Pegasus hack allowed nation-states to spy on iPhones without user knowledge …

WhatsApp support

WhatsApp won’t support any of these phones after November 1st, 2021

November 3rd, 2021

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. But even with its wide reach, the app can’t support all our devices forever. The company regularly updates its help center to let users know which devices it still supports. The WhatsApp update 2021 list of supported devices is going to dwindle once again on …

Waze Issues

Waze’s algorithm ‘went crazy’ and started sending people the wrong way

November 1st, 2021

Many drivers favor Waze’s navigation app over competing services like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or other GPS apps. That’s because Waze has a great feature that helps drivers avoid being stuck in traffic for long. The incident reports are based on real-time crowdsourced information from other Waze drivers, which continuously inform the Waze algorithms about …

Meta Facebook

Meta still has a Facebook problem

October 29th, 2021

Facebook CEO took the virtual stage on Thursday to confirm a recent leak. Some said the company would announce a rebrand at the Connect event, a move that many anticipated for a while. Facebook needs a new name to describe better what the company is doing and dissociate itself from the Facebook toxicity. Mark Zuckerberg …