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galaxy collision

Astronomers now believe our galaxy once swallowed a smaller galaxy

July 23rd, 2019

For astronomers, discovering new worlds, stars, and even entire galaxies is really only half the battle. Once discovered, explaining how new features of space formed, and where they came from, often means extensive research and a bit of guesswork. A new research effort aimed at uncovering some of the secrets of how our home galaxy, …

glow in the dark shark

Scientists discovered a new shark species that glows in the dark

July 23rd, 2019

Once you get down deep enough in Earth’s oceans, sunlight is hard to come by. But rather than stumble around in the dark in search of food, creatures that live at extreme depths have found ways to make their own light. It’s called bioluminescence and it’s what gives fireflies their ability to generate brilliant flashes …