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See every inch of Tesla’s Cybertruck in this 2-hour-long video review

Published Jan 4th, 2024 3:08PM EST
Interior of the Tesla Cybertruck
Image: Tesla

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The Cybertruck has been in the wild for a little over a month now. Telsa officially delivered the first vehicles to customers at its delivery event at the end of November. Despite there only being a small number of Cybertrucks on the road so far, one of the most popular car YouTube channels has gotten its hands on several — and the channel made the deep-dive video to end all deep-dive videos.

If you’ve ever watched car reviews on YouTube, you’ve likely come across Out of Spec Reviews. The popular car review channel posts tons of videos about cars, diving incredibly deep into the details when it comes to performance, mileage, and more. It’s also been more recently diving deeper into the electric vehicle space, making tons of videos about almost every EV that has been hitting the road.

Now, the team has gone deep into the new Tesla Cybertruck. While others may have edited a review video down to 10-20 minutes, Out of Spec Reviews went the other direction, posting an almost two-hour-long deep-dive review of the new electric truck.

If you want to learn literally every single thing you can about the Cybertruck, you can watch the entire YouTube video below. I have to warn you, however, that it clocks in at nearly two hours long.

One oddity that Kyle Conner and team found when diving into the Cybertruck was that — at least with the one they were able to test — the CCS adapter provided by Tesla doesn’t actually work with its own truck. According to Conner, the plastic wheel arches got in the way of the adapter fitting into the charging port. The team was able to get it working by — wait for this — ripping the wheel arches off of the truck.

But that wasn’t the only issue the team ran into when testing the Cybertruck. They also rented one that popped up on Turo, the private car rental service (think Airbnb for cars), and found that the front display would not turn on. The only way they were able to gain access to the car and even turn it on was through the Tesla app.

Of course, the team also found some really cool things about the Cybertruck, but it’s a mixed bag out of the gate for Tesla and its big bet on the giant steel triangle. More reviews will be coming down the line, I’m sure, and the company will be sure to fix a lot of these issues either through software fixes or, hopefully, complimentary adapters that don’t require you to rip your wheel arches off.

The deep dive into the truck and the oddities uncovered come a couple of days after Tesla announced its 2023 production and delivery results. The company beat its delivery estimates for Q4, producing over 494,000 vehicles and delivering over 484,000 of those. The company also confirmed that it produced and delivered over 1.8 million vehicles in 2023, beating estimates.

It also comes as there are rumors that the Model Y, Tesla’s most popular vehicle, is about to get a big design refresh at some point this year — possibly as soon as this spring. While little details are known, the new Model Y is expected to feature “much more obvious exterior and interior changes.”

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