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Super-accurate Apple Watch Ultra GPS blows away older model in test

Updated Nov 3rd, 2022 10:10AM EDT
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Image: Apple Inc.

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During its “Far Out” event, Apple introduced three new Apple Watches, one of them, the Apple Watch Ultra. This new wearable features a massive 49mm display with a titanium finish. It also offers a few new tweaks, such as a better built-in GPS. A Reddit user showed how this sensor compares with an older Apple Watch model by mowing the lawn – and the results are impressive.

A Reddit user posted the following article “GPS accuracy in Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 4” (via 9to5Mac). He wrote:

When I mow my lawn, I start an outdoor walk. Image on the left is the hilarious GPS track of me mowing my lawn a few weeks ago with my Series 4 (RIP). It would even have me zip a couple doors down and shows about 1.4 extra miles of distance compared to the image on the right. Apple Watch Ultra shows every intricate row I did. Anyways, I know this isn’t scientific or an ultra marathon but thought this sub would appreciate.”

The Suburbandad1999 Reddit user was able to describe what Apple stated in its press release by comparing both Apple Watch tracking capabilities.

Apple Watch Ultra GPS comparisonImage source: Reddit

Apple says that “for most people, a traditional GPS solution with just L1 GPS works well most of the time. But it can be tricky when tall buildings, trees, or dense foliage block satellites.” As you can see in the image, the newer L5 GPS solution improves by a lot how the Watch tracks an exercise.

According to Apple, this solution enables advanced signal processing, reducing many errors, and providing a more consistent signal in environments like dense cities.

“For the first time ever in an Apple Watch, the precision dual-frequency GPS integrates both L1 and the latest frequency, L5, plus new positioning algorithms. Apple Watch Ultra delivers the most accurate GPS of any Apple Watch to date, providing users the most precise distance, pace, and route data for training and competing,” said Apple

While the Apple Watch Ultra was created for those who enjoy extreme activities, it’s interesting to see how even mowing the lawn can feel like a totally different activity with this new Watch. It should also be noted that the Apple Watch Ultra can even save your life. But you probably shouldn’t get rid of your iPhone just because you have one, even if the battery can potentially last up to 60 hours without needing a charge.

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