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weather News

NASA’s ‘RainCube’ satellite is now dead

NASA launched a tiny CubeSat in mid-2018 as a proof of concept to study weather on Earth. The aim was to see if compact satellites could return “science-quality data” with a much lower >>

Watch a cloud tear itself open over a lake in Austria

A time-lapse video captured a stunning weather phenomenon playing out over a lake in Austria. The wet microburst, which is a column of rapidly descending air that carries a ton of water down >>

Scientists want AI to help predict dangerous hurricanes

A team of scientists, including those at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm to predict the rapid intensification of tropical storms and hurricanes. The system is far more accurate >>

Two storms from the Gulf of Mexico head for the US

Hurricane Laura is preparing to slam into the Southern United States just as Tropical Storm Marco is leaving the same area soaked. Evacuations have already begun in parts of Louisana, which looks like >>

Sahara dust cloud is making its way to the US

A colossal dust cloud is headed for the United States after blanketing the Caribbean in a haze. The dust cloud is lowering air quality and increasing the risk for people with respiratory conditions. >>