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Ridiculous blizzard buried Newfoundland under several feet of snow, and the footage is surreal

Published Jan 20th, 2020 12:39PM EST
newfoundland snow
Image: Andrew Vaughan/AP/Shutterstock

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Winter is well and truly upon us here in the states, and while shoveling out from a couple of feet (or even just a few inches) of snow can be a real pain, that’s nothing compared to what residents in Newfoundland, Canada, have had to endure.

We’re talking feet and feet of snow, drifting into massive mounds and prompting the government to tell everyone to avoid traveling anywhere unless it’s an absolute emergency. If you’ve been hanging out on Twitter or any other social network over the past two days you might have already seen the videos, but if not, you’re in for a serious treat.

I mean, just look at this:

It’s really pretty incredible. Every time you think the snow is as high as it’s going to get, it just keeps getting higher. Eventually, the entire vehicle is swallowed up, with the massive snowdrift extending across the road and covering the truck across the street as well.

It’s wild, but believe it or not, it’s not the most jaw-dropping snow timelapse of the weekend. Behold, a true snow apocalypse:

That must be what it’s like to watch a blizzard swallow your entire house over the course of a day. It’s actually pretty terrifying, as you just know there’s really nothing you can do about it but sit and wait for it to stop piling up. Of course, that’s when the real work begins.

Residents across large areas of Newfoundland are doing their best to dive out from the storm, carving paths in the snow so they can at least leave their homes if needed, but travel is still incredibly difficult. Local officials in cities like St. John’s are asking residents to stay off the roads if at all possible. Some gas stations and pharmacies opened on Sunday to provide residents with the most vital essentials, but it’ll be a while before life returns to normal.