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Theory of life on Venus just got absolutely destroyed

Findings of what was thought to be phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus sparked debate over the possibility of life existing on the harsh planet. Now, a new research report offers an explanation >>

Science proves that microwaves suck at almost everything

Scientists have conclusively proven that microwaves suck, while also solving a major issue that comes with heating liquids in the microwave. A special glass with a silver ring can heat liquids more evenly >>

Ancient humans saw an asteroid apocalypse first-hand

An asteroid or comet completely wiped out the ancient human settlement of Abu Hureyra.  The impact is likely part of a larger cosmic impact event that triggered the rapid cooling of Earth.  The >>

‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanets are super weird

In the hunt for planets outside of our own solar system, scientists have spotted a number of interesting planet types that we simply don’t have in our neck of the cosmic woods. So-called >>

Scientists are about to revolutionize beer

When it comes to crucial fields of scientific study, focusing on making beer more enjoyable probably isn’t the most important thing in the world. Of course, that didn’t stop researchers from the University >>

Your kinship with dogs might be carved into your DNA

You don’t have to be a “dog person” to recognize that some people seem to have more of a connection with man’s best friend than others. For some, understanding a dog’s emotions seems >>