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Ancient humans saw an asteroid apocalypse first-hand

An asteroid or comet completely wiped out the ancient human settlement of Abu Hureyra.  The impact is likely part of a larger cosmic impact event that triggered the rapid cooling of Earth.  The >>

‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanets are super weird

In the hunt for planets outside of our own solar system, scientists have spotted a number of interesting planet types that we simply don’t have in our neck of the cosmic woods. So-called >>

Scientists let rats drive tiny cars, and they loved it

The vast majority of scientific studies are high-level examinations of the mechanics that drive our reality. They often involve massive collections of data that the average person couldn’t even begin to parse, and >>

Want to live longer? Stop drinking soda

Most people already know that regularly drinking soda can have negative health consequences. Whether you prefer sugar or artificial sweeteners in your soft drinks, guzzling cans of cola on a daily basis is >>