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Science proves that microwaves suck at almost everything

Scientists have conclusively proven that microwaves suck, while also solving a major issue that comes with heating liquids in the microwave. A special glass with a silver ring can heat liquids more evenly >>

Scientists can’t figure out why otters love to juggle

Scientists tried to figure out why otters like to juggle rocks but came up empty-handed. Several theories, including rock juggling to build dexterity or practice for getting food from shellfish, were largely debunked >>

‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanets are super weird

In the hunt for planets outside of our own solar system, scientists have spotted a number of interesting planet types that we simply don’t have in our neck of the cosmic woods. So-called >>

Scientists let rats drive tiny cars, and they loved it

The vast majority of scientific studies are high-level examinations of the mechanics that drive our reality. They often involve massive collections of data that the average person couldn’t even begin to parse, and >>