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robot lightning bug made by MIT

Watch MIT’s fascinating little robot lightning bugs take flight

June 27th, 2022

Fireflies are one of the best parts of warm summer nights. The dancing, flickering lights of these tiny bugs have enamored people for centuries. Now, a group of scientists at MIT have created robot lightning bugs inspired by nature. Not only can these robots fly, but they also emit light. Just like real-life fireflies. From …

red robot on a white background

Chipotle is testing robots to replace some human workers

April 13th, 2022

Before you know it, that next delicious meal you order at your nearest Chipotle restaurant might be prepared by a robot. It’s an experiment that’s not showing up in any of the chain’s restaurants just yet. But it’s driven by an ongoing labor shortage that Chipotle’s executives don’t think will abate anytime soon. Accordingly, Chipotle …

magnetic robot slime

This robot made of magnetic slime is gross, but brilliant

April 4th, 2022

Scientists have managed to make a magnetic slime that looks disgusting but is actually quite astounding, if not a tad creepy. The slime is made from a blend of a polymer called polyvinyl alcohol, borax, and magnet particles. It’s an interesting combination that scientists hope to one day be able to use inside of the …

These shape-shifting robot fish swim through the body to attack cancer

November 23rd, 2021

Scientists have been looking for new ways to treat cancer for years now. Newly developed shape-shifting robots could provide a new avenue for treatment. The new robots are shaped like fish and can deliver drugs directly to the affected cells. This could help alleviate side effects from cancer-fighting treatments like chemotherapy. Once the technology is …

Boston Dynamics robot

Boston Dynamics’ new robot is incredibly good at a very simple task

March 29th, 2021

When you think of Boston Dynamics, you probably conjure images of the frighteningly mobile robot dog Spot or the terrifyingly human-shaped robot Atlas, but the company has started to shift its focus to more utilitarian machines. The latest addition to its family of robots is Stretch, which Boston Dynamics describes as a “box-moving robot designed …