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Robots News

Could robots save us from the coronavirus pandemic?

Researchers have developed robots capable of providing patient updates to doctors autonomously using existing hardware.  Using special sensors, the robots can take temperature and even measure blood oxygen content without touching the patient. >>

Scientists gave robots the ability to sweat

Evolution has given humans a number of cool bodily functions to deal with certain circumstances. Sweating, for example, is a way for our bodies to cool down, as moist skin allows air to >>

NASA’s new drones are taking on bizarre shapes

In the context of space exploration, the term “rover” conjures images of multi-wheeled robots with big, bulky bodies covered in scientific instruments. NASA’s Mars rovers are probably the most iconic of all, but >>

Robots are working retail jobs at Walmart now

Back in 2017, Walmart launched a pilot project that made some of its old-school brick-and-mortar retail stores seem like futuristic testbeds. The chain began trialing robots that could scan shelves to make sure >>