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  1. Best Amazon Finds Under $30
    08:33 Deals

    10 Amazon finds under $30 each that people are obsessed with right now

  2. AirPods Max Amazon
    11:49 Deals

    AirPods Max just hit a new all-time low at Amazon (cheaper than Prime Day!)

  3. Best PlayStation 5 Accessories
    15:17 Deals

    Have a video game console? This $48 device on Amazon makes it feel so much faster

  4. Wireless Borescope Camera
    13:49 Deals

    Crazy wireless camera that lets your phone see anywhere is still down to $29 at Amazon

  5. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener
    08:37 Deals

    Oops! Prime Day’s best-selling smart home gadget is still down to $17


asteroid defense

Here’s how MIT wants to save Earth from killer asteroids

February 20th, 2020

If science fiction movies have taught us anything, it’s that saving Earth from a killer asteroid is going to take some big drills and probably nuclear weapons. Thankfully, if a particularly large space rock ever were to threaten Earth, our plan of attack would probably be a bit more level-headed. That is, as long as …

mini cheetah robot

Before they inevitably revolt, watch a bunch of tiny robots play soccer

November 8th, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what the robot apocalypse would look like, look no further than what unfolded on the lawn outside of MIT’s Building 10 this week. There, on the grassy Killian Court, a spectacle unfolded that will likely become commonplace once AI-powered robots rise up and enslave their human masters. A total of nine …

Netflix Streaming

MIT developed Wi-Fi technology that could seriously improve Netflix binge watching

August 19th, 2019

Streaming services like Netflix are worthless without an active internet connection, and your binging sessions will suffer some serious interruption whenever there’s no decent Wi-Fi or cellular connection. As much as Netflix and other companies can adapt their stream to your internet speed, that might not be enough to avoid buffering completely, especially on crowded …

Backflipping MIT mini cheetah

No one asked for it, but researchers built another back-flipping robot anyway

March 6th, 2019

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology describe the new robot they just built and unveiled as “powerful, robust and inexpensive.” Among its abilities, the robot can run, walk and (sigh) execute a perfect backflip upon command. This is either an impressive display of mechanical engineering prowess or a worrisome development, depending on your point …

mit shrink technique

MIT invented a way to build nano-scale versions of larger objects

December 17th, 2018

In science fiction, “shrink rays” are the easiest way to turn a large object into something much, much smaller, but here in reality things aren’t that simple. Creating so-called “nano-scale” versions of objects is a difficult task that researchers at MIT aimed to make a bit easier, and the result is a new system that …

mit plane

MIT’s magic plane flies without fuel or moving parts

November 22nd, 2018

Air travel is the safest, speediest way to get from one place to another, but you know what would make it even better? If planes didn’t have to worry about pesky engines and messy fuel. I mean, if a plane could just go we’d all be better off, right? Well leave it to MIT to come …