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iPhone XS Max

iPhone Vs Galaxy S10

Which smartphone has the best selfie camera? The results might surprise you

May 29th, 2019

Determining which smartphone camera is best can sometimes be tricky because the timing of the test itself should be taken into account. Let me explain: because handset manufacturers release new smartphones on vastly different schedules, it’s not exactly helpful to compare a brand new smartphone against a device that’s been around for 11 months. That …

iPhone XS Max Vs Galaxy S10 Plus

iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+: Which flagship has the best battery life?

April 1st, 2019

Every year, Apple and Samsung engage in an ongoing game of cat-and-mouse as they try and one up each other with their respective flagships. Every September, Apple releases its brand new iPhone lineup and typically sets a new bar for smartphone performance across a number of different metrics. A few months later, Samsung answers back …

iPhone Vs Samsung

iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+ drop test: Which glass flagship is more durable?

March 29th, 2019

Every single year, without fail, companies like Apple and Samsung release next-gen smartphones jam-packed with all sorts of new features and technologies. And every single year, without fail, tech bloggers try to see how much punishment these new phones can withstand before breaking down completely. While some experiments are entertaining but completely pointless — do …

iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10+ speed test: The results might surprise you

March 18th, 2019

Year in and year out, Apple manages to crank out new iPhone models with increasingly impressive and arguably unrivaled hardware. Though Android has caught up to the iPhone in many ways when it comes to specific features and overall usability, new iPhone models routinely trounce all comers when it comes down to raw performance. Just …