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The ultimate iPhone X wallpaper has finally been updated for the iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max Wallpaper

Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been out for a full week now, and the overwhelming majority of feedback we’ve seen out there has been positive. Yes, there are obviously complaints over some issues floating around out there, some more serious than others. The big one this time around seems to be issues users are having with reception and data speeds over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. In some cases, the problems are very easy to fix and we explained how to do it in an earlier post. In other cases, that fix doesn’t work at all and your best bet is to contact Apple’s customer support. Beyond that, the bulk of the rest of the complaints we’ve seen focus on the fact that there are no new marquee features to be found on this year’s iPhones. We agree that this is Apple’s smallest “S” upgrade since the iPhone 3GS back in 2009, but we also explained why you’re being silly if you think it’s a huge problem for Apple or for the overwhelming majority of iPhone users.

We’ve already covered the fact that the iPhone XS isn’t a smart upgrade if you already have an iPhone X from 2017, but it’s a huge upgrade for anyone else. If you bought an iPhone XS Max though, you’re almost certainly happy with your purchase even if you had an iPhone X last year. There’s one thing you might miss, however, but it’s finally here so you won’t have to go without it. That’s right, we’re talking about the ultimate iPhone X wallpaper and it’s won’t have to live without it any longer.

Hideaki Nakatani goes by @heyeased on Twitter, and he’s known most commonly for the crazy iPhone glitch wallpapers we was making back in 2016. The most popular one was a special black wallpaper that caused the iPhone’s dock and folder backgrounds to disappear. It looked so cool on the Jet Black iPhone 7, which was brand new at the time. Sadly, Apple fixed all of the little bugs in iOS that made those wallpapers possible, but that hasn’t stopped Nakatani from cooking up a bunch of new options for iPhone users.

His most beloved creation by far at the moment is a special series of wallpapers that he made for the iPhone X last year. Why do people love these particular wallpapers so much? Because they accentuate two of the most significant things about the iPhone X’s display. First, they’re mostly black so they show off the deep blacks that OLED panels are known for, and they save battery life in the process since black isn’t lit up on OLED screens. Second, they showcase the notch and the overall shape of the screen perfectly since they have thin borders that wrap all the way around the edges of the display. You can see an example of the wallpaper in the image at the top of this post.

Since these wallpapers have a border that hugs the edges of the screen, they obviously only work if that border is in exactly the right place. Since the iPhone XS Max has a different display size and resolution than the iPhone X and iPhone XS, Nakatani’s older wallpapers obviously won’t work. As you might have guess by now, however, he has released a new set of wallpapers sized perfectly for Apple’s new larger iPhone XS Max.

The above wallpaper is just one example of Nakatani’s new creations for the iPhone XS Max. You’ll find the entire collection right here on his website. Load the page in Safari on your iPhone XS Max, and then tap the thumbnail that corresponds with the color or colors you want. Then, once the wallpaper loads on your screen, simply long-press on the image and save it to your camera roll. When applying the new wallpaper, make sure that you choose “Still” and not “Perspective,” and also ensure that you don’t resize it at all.

If this is the first time you’ve seen these cool wallpapers and you want them for your iPhone X or iPhone XS, you’ll find links to that collection and more on this page.

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