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India just lost contact with its brand new satellite

Countless satellites are orbiting the Earth at this very moment. Some of them are working fine, some are long dead, and others are somewhere in between. India’s GSAT 6A falls into that last >>

Apple will start building iPhones in India this spring

President Trump is still attempting to negotiate a deal that will bring iPhone manufacturing to the United States, but on Friday, Bloomberg reported that Apple would begin building smartphones in India by the end of >>

Apple won’t be allowed to sell used iPhones in India

Apple recently made a commitment to have a presence in India for the “next thousand years.” But the first month isn’t going well — Apple won’t be able to open retail stores straight >>

India can supposedly bypass iPhone encryption

First, it was the FBI to break into an encrypted iPhone without Apple’s help. Around the same time, the LAPD was breaking into its an iPhone on its own. In either case, the >>