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Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note III Vs Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note III display compared to Note II in new leaked photo

August 28th, 2013

Samsung confirmed earlier this week that its next-generation Galaxy Note III phablet will be unveiled alongside the brand new Galaxy Gear smartwatch during a press conference on September 4th. While the new devices themselves won’t be much of a surprise now, we still haven’t seen any leaked photos of either the Note III or the …

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

Learning to live with a phablet

March 7th, 2013

I was not shy when I first reviewed Samsung’s (005930) Galaxy Note “phablet” early last year. In a piece titled “The smartphone that ‘Samsunged’ Samsung,” I said the Note had taken things way too far and I called for the death of the smartphone-tablet hybrid category. It did not die. Later in 2012, I reviewed …

Galaxy Note II Vulnerability

Galaxy Note II vulnerability allows hackers to bypass lock screen [video]

March 4th, 2013

Samsung (005930) has been pushing its enterprise-ready smartphones to business customers lately, but the company could hit a roadblock after a vulnerability was discovered on the Galaxy Note II. The security flaw, which allows an attacker to bypass the device’s pattern lock, PIN code, password and face unlock security features, was discovered recently by Terence Eden. …

Galaxy S III Galaxy Note II Sales

Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are still hot buys

January 16th, 2013

When a new smartphone from Apple (AAPL) or Samsung (005930) is released, sales generally level off over the following months. The Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II have been an exception, however. Despite rumors of next-generation devices, Samsung’s smartphones have remained “red-hot” and consumers are still eating them up.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Sales

Galaxy Note II sales hit 1 million in South Korea

December 31st, 2012

Despite initial complaints that Samsung’s (005930) original Galaxy Note smartphone was too big and too clunky to ever see success, the handset sold through the roof and sparked the phablet phenomenon. When the company released the Galaxy Note II in September, we called the device better than its predecessor in almost every way, a statement that has …

AT&T Galaxy Note II Update

Multi-window update comes to AT&T Galaxy Note II starting today

December 27th, 2012

AT&T (T) has announced that a software update will begin rolling out to its Galaxy Note II beginning December 27th. The arrival of the new software makes AT&T the last of the four major nationwide wireless carriers to bring multi-windows support to its Samsung (005930) “phablet,” a feature that allows users to open and operate …

Samsung Android Malware

Samsung will patch malware exploit affecting Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II

December 19th, 2012

Samsung (005930) Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II owners had a big scare last week when it was discovered the smartphones are vulnerable to app-based attacks stemming from a security hole with their Exynos-4 processors. Samsung confirmed to Android Central that it has investigated the “potential security issue” and re-states that the “issue may arise only when a malicious application …