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Car and Driver INTELLIDASH Plus

Add Apple CarPlay to any car without an installation

June 13th, 2022

So many people out there are in search of a good Apple CarPlay screen for their car. If you already have CarPlay in your car or truck, you obviously know why it’s so desirable. To be frank, the infotainment systems in most cars are terrible. Sure, they’ve been getting better lately. But not everyone is …

Apple CarPlay

Apple has incredibly exciting plans for the future of CarPlay

October 7th, 2021

Apple has been working on its own vehicle project for years, but the electric, self-driving Apple Car rumor returned to the spotlight late last year. Since then, we saw a flurry of reports detailing Apple’s renewed interest in manufacturing its own automobile. Reports even mentioned Hyundai and Kia as potential partners, but the rumors reportedly …

android auto

Android might be coming to your car whether you like it or not

January 2nd, 2017

Apple and Google have been in a heated race to take over the automotive space for some time now, and both companies have had middling success. Today, the battle for the touchscreen on the dashboard of your next new car may have swung dramatically in Google’s favor thanks to a new partnership between Alphabet and …

Toyota Apple CarPlay Support

Don’t expect new Toyotas to come with Apple CarPlay support anytime soon

February 23rd, 2015

Though CarPlay was originally introduced at WWDC 2013, Apple’s iOS based infotainment system hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm. This is partially due to the fact that the auto industry tends to move at a snail’s pace relative to the tech industry.  Compounding matters is the fact that some companies aren’t exactly sold on CarPlay …

Android Auto vs. CarPlay Video

Watch this exhaustive comparison of Android Auto and CarPlay

December 4th, 2014

This year, both Apple and Google officially launched their vehicle dashboard interfaces, CarPlay and Android Auto. We’ve seen them action before, but 9to5Mac’s Macmixing recently had a chance to check out both in the same car at the LA Auto Show. This allowed for one of the most thorough comparisons we’ve seen so far.

Apple CarPlay Review

This is the world’s first in-depth review of Apple’s CarPlay

October 3rd, 2014

Apple’s quest to take over every inch of our digital lives took a small step forward earlier this week with the addition of CarPlay support to several aftermarket car stereo units from Pioneer. CarPlay, you might recall, is Apple’s iOS (and BlackBerry QNX) based solution for moving its iPhone interface off of your smartphone and onto …