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The latest mobile news and coverage including T-Mobile, plans, devices, smartphones, and accessories.

iPhone X Release Date

A new iPhone X feature was just discovered and it’s sheer brilliance

October 13th, 2017

Apple’s iPhone X release date is fast approaching. In fact, it’s now exactly three weeks away. The hot new handset will hit store shelves on November 3rd following a week of preorder availability that kicks off on October 27th. Well, actually, the phone won’t hit store shelves on November 3rd, or really anytime in November. …

iPhone X Foldable Display

This is how a foldable iPhone X would work

October 12th, 2017

The iPhone X has the biggest screen-to-front ratio ever seen in an iPhone, but Apple isn’t done enlarging the display. A report earlier this week said Apple is already working with LG on bendable screen designs. The company is apparently trying to keep its plan secret from Samsung, which is currently the only supplier of …

OnePlus 5T Release Date

OnePlus 5T render leaks, and it sure looks like a Galaxy S8

October 12th, 2017

Will OnePlus launch one more phone this year? We can’t say for sure, as we have conflicting reports on the matter. Some say OnePlus will unveil a OnePlus 6 early next year, as a OnePlus 5T would not make much sense considering there’s no new hardware for the handset. Others, meanwhile, claim that a OnePlus …

iPhone 8 Vs iPhone X

Reports of weak iPhone 8 demand are way off the mark

October 12th, 2017

A recent piece from Bloomberg argues that investors might have reason to be concerned about demand for the iPhone 8. Citing early disclosure data from AT&T financial statements, Shira Ovide relays that the number of subscribers opting to exchange older smartphones for newer models dropped by 900,000 year over year. “The quarter included about a …

T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile is about to add a new limit to its unlimited plans

October 12th, 2017

T-Mobile subscribers got some fantastic news earlier this week. Just about every other Netflix subscriber in the country is about to see his or her monthly cost rise beginning in November, as the company ups its monthly fees from $9.99 (standard) and $11.99 (premium) to $10.99 and $13.99. Meanwhile, T-Mobile recently added free unlimited Netflix …