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yeedi vac hits $89 for Prime Big Deal Days, plus more yeedi deals

Published Oct 10th, 2023 6:36AM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Yeedi has really made a name for itself in the robot vacuum and mop market. If you somehow aren’t already familiar with the brand, yeedi’s Prime Big Deal Days 2023 robot vacuum deals are sure to fix that.

The most impressive offer for Amazon’s second Prime Day sale of the year is on the popular yeedi vac. It’s one of the most popular yeedi robot vacuum models among BGR readers, and it’s on sale at an incredible price. Thanks to Amazon’s discount and the special coupon code yeedi009, you can get the yeedi vac for just $89.29 instead of $299.99. That’s a massive 70% discount, and it’s the lowest price ever for this best-selling robot vacuum.

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In addition to the aforementioned yeedi vac deal, there are also two other deals that our readers will want to know about. 

The first one slashes the price of the yeedi vac station to $298.99 instead of $499.99. This model includes the yeedi vac as well as a special auto-empty charging station. Then, the second deal cuts the price of the $699.99 yeedi cube to just $559.99. This is yeedi’s ultimate robot vacuum and mop, and it includes a charging station with auto-empty as well as self-washing for the robot’s mopping pads.

The important thing to remember is that these deals are only available on October 10-11. Once Prime Big Deal Days 2023 ends, these deals will disappear along with it.

There are so many robot vacuums on sale for Prime Big Deal Days in 2023, and they span every possible price range. If you’re in search of a great mid-range model at an entry-level price, however, there’s really only one option that you should consider.

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The yeedi vac robot vacuum is one of the most powerful models that I’ve tested in its price range. It’s great at picking up dirt and dust on wood floors and on tile. More importantly, it’s just as efficient on low-pile carpets and rugs. This model has automatic carpet detection, so it knows when to boost the suction and provide extra power.

Powerful suction of up to 3,000Pa helps ensure that no debris is left behind. The yeedi vac also does an impressive job with pet hair, which is typically a tough task for entry-level and mid-range robot vacuums.

Something else that impressed me when I tested the yeedi vac was this model’s battery life. It can run for up to 110 minutes on a charge, which is great. And if you have a huge house that takes even longer than that, the yeedi vac will pause its job and return to the charging station so it can recharge and continue the job.

Also, even though this is a mid-range model, it has some extra bells and whistles that users will love. My favorite is support for voice control with either Alexa or Google Assistant. That way, no matter which platform you use, you can control the yeedi vac using just a simple voice command.

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At $399.99, the yeedi vac robot vacuum is already a great value. During Amazon’s big Prime Big Deal Days event, however, you can get the awesome yeedi vac robot vacuum on sale for just $89.29.

To get this all-time low price, you’ll just need to use a special coupon code. During checkout, be sure to enter the code yeedi009 in order to score yeedi’s extra discount.

Other yeedi models on sale for Prime Day

In addition to the yeedi vac, there are two other yeedi models on sale for Prime Big Deal Days 2023.

The next deal the BGR readers need to know about is the yeedi vac station, which is an upgraded version of the beloved yeedi vac. It’s actually the exact same robot, so it has all the same great features that I already covered. But in addition to all that, it comes with two big upgrades.

First, it has a special mop attachment made especially for the yeedi vac. That way, the robot can mop all of your hardwood floors and tile floors instead of just vacuuming them.

Then, in addition to the mop kit, it also comes with an auto-empty base station. Each time the yeedi vac is done vacuuming, the upgraded charging station will automatically suck out all of the dirt and dust from the vacuum. The special debris bag inside the base station will last for up to 60 days before you need to throw it out and put in a new one. That means you can go for up to two months without having to worry about it!

The yeedi vac station robot vacuum and mop retails for $499.99, but it’s on sale for $298.99 during Amazon’s Fall Prime Day sale.

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Last but certainly not least, the ultimate yeedi model is also on sale for Prime Big Deal Days 2023. It’s called the yeedi cube, and it’s the most advanced robot vacuum and mop that yeedi has ever made.

This model features 4,300Pa suction, so it’s even more powerful than the yeedi vac. It also has more advanced mopping, delivering 2,500 vibrations per minute to scrub your hard floors even better.

But the best part is what happens when the yeedi cube is finished cleaning. When it returns to the charging station, all of the dirt and dust is automatically emptied into a bag that holds up to 60 days of debris. Then, a special mechanism in the base station also automatically washes the mop pads so you don’t have to. It even dries the mop with 104-degree hot air so that you never have to worry about odors or mold.

The yeedi cube is a premium flagship robot vacuum and mop that normally costs $699.99. On October 10-11 during Prime Day, it’s on sale for $559.99.

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