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TinyWow: This free file converter website has completely changed the way I work

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With the proliferation of free, web-based productivity tools, long gone are the days when professionals needed to spend a few hundred dollars on a software package or subscription in order to get their work done. Now, so many tools — like PDF converters, image re-sizers, word counters, and word processors — are based online. And, even better, available for free. For me, one such tool along these lines that I’ve come to regard as indispensable is a free online file converter called TinyWow.

There are, in fact, so many things that this site can help you with. Right away, after landing on the main page, you’ll see a ton of available tools to choose from. And they can help you solve almost any problem or conversion issue with a file.

TinyWow free online file converter

Here’s a sampling of the free online file converter tools that greet visitors to the site:

tinywow screenshot
TinyWow is a one-stop-shop web destination that includes a slew of file converters and other related tools, from PDF converters to meme-makers and much more Image source: TinyWow

And even that’s just a fraction of what’s available from this single, free web destination. Other tools that are also a click away, from TinyWow’s main page, include:

  • A PDF creator
  • Video trimmer
  • Meme maker
  • Video resizer
  • IMG sharpener
  • Audio extractor from video files
  • And much more

Certainly, you check out some of the many helpful guides available on our site (covering, for starters, the best desks, tablets, and laptops) that are meant to aid professionals in going about their day. TinyWow, meanwhile, is one source that can handle some of the software-related needs that those same professionals might have.

“Don’t you love finding a great online tool-set that claims to be free, lets you build and interact the way you want, only to be denied access if you don’t pay for an account (or sign up for an account)?,” the site asks.

“Our site is free. We don’t limit. We don’t even take sign-ups. Might we take sign-ups one day? Sure, we probably will (but not any time soon). When we do go down that route, what we will NOT do is trick you into spending your time using our tools, only to be denied access before you can download what you have just spent your precious time creating.”

What you need to know about TinyWow

Given that this site’s tools are free, that’s not to say that there’s no trade-off here.

The very nature of a free online file converter site means that … you have to give it the file that you want it to manipulate. So, right away, the fact that your files are stored, even temporarily, on a site like this? Understandably, that might make some people skittish about uploading anything personal or important.

Here’s what the site says about how it handles user privacy.

We take your privacy seriously. Whenever you upload a file to our servers for processing, we delete the file 15 minutes after the processing of that file is complete. If you were to use that same file again in a different tool, that 15-minute window would re-start … The files sent to TinyWow are uploaded via HTTPS. We do not sell information on our users or the documents, videos, images, or other file types that may be uploaded when using one of our tools.

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