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This is my favorite Alexa device, and you’ve probably never ever heard of it

Published Mar 11th, 2024 7:43AM EDT
Amazon Echo Auto
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Amazon’s massive online marketplace and its disruptive nationwide distribution network are obviously both impressive. Especially now that Amazon has overtaken UPS and FedEx as the biggest delivery business in the US. But it’s possible that neither one is Amazon’s crowning achievement at this point. Instead, it might actually be Alexa, which has become absolutely essential to countless millions of people out there.

Everyone knows Alexa, and everyone is familiar with common Alexa devices like Echo speakers and Echo Show smart displays. But there’s another super useful Alexa gadget that Amazon makes, yet you might not have ever heard of it. It’s called the Echo Auto (save $24), and it happens to be my favorite Amazon Alexa gadget ever.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

Everyone loves having Alexa in their homes. That’s because there are endless “skills” that Amazon’s virtual personal assistant can take care of for you. The problem for so many people, however, is what happens when they leave the house.

Well, what happens is people lose access to all their Echo speakers. That’s because Amazon doesn’t make portable Echo speakers anymore. That ends today, however, thanks to an Amazon Echo Auto offer you’d have to be crazy to pass up.

Amazon’s deal slashes the Echo Auto down to the lowest price since all the way back in May of this year.

I can’t live without Alexa

It should go without saying that Amazon is well aware of Alexa’s old limitations. That’s exactly why the company created products like Echo Buds that give you access to Alexa on the go. Then there’s the Echo Auto, which gives you hands-free access to Alexa in your car while you drive.

And right now, Echo Auto is on sale with a terrific discount that drops it to the best price I’ve seen in months.

Alexa is no longer merely a luxury for so many people out there. Instead, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant is a necessity these days. I can’t even remember what life was like before I had Alexa doing my bidding. Alexa turns the lights on and off for me.

It shows me who’s at my front door thanks to a Ring Video Doorbell and an Echo Show. Plus, it makes my coffee in the morning and arms my alarm system at night.

I’m so used to having the ability to speak commands to Alexa that I have definitely caught myself doing it once or twice when I wasn’t even near an Echo speaker. Oops!

Echo Auto takes Alexa with you on the go

Amazon Echo Auto 2nd Gen
Amazon’s Echo Auto 2nd Gen is compact enough to mount anywhere in your car. Image source: Amazon

I really only have one problem with all this reliance on Alexa. It’s the fact that Alexa isn’t readily available once I leave my house. Or at least, that used to be the case.

Thanks to one of Amazon’s best Alexa smart devices, I don’t have to worry anymore. It’s called the Echo Auto, and it’s basically an Echo Dot for your car. It gives you hands-free access to all the Alexa skills you love. Plus, it plays Alexa’s voice or streaming music through my car’s speakers.

You can stream music or podcasts, get voice-guided navigation, and so much more. One time, I used Alexa on the Echo Auto to close my garage door at home when I realized I had forgotten. Without the Echo Auto and smart garage door opener, I would’ve had to turn around and drive all the way home.

This is a must-have for anyone who uses Alexa. And right now, the 2nd-generation Echo Auto is on sale for $30.99 instead of $55 if you pick up a renewed one.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

Thanks to the Echo Auto, you’ll never ride without Alexa again.

Maren Estrada Deals Editor

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