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Stunning video shows the iPhone 14 if Apple finally ditched the notch

Published Mar 25th, 2022 10:25AM EDT
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Image: iHaMoo/Adobe

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When Apple introduced the iPhone X back in 2017, the new design was controversial, to say the least. While many people welcomed the larger display, others bemoaned the removal of Touch ID. An even more vocal contingent, of which I was a part, was put off by the introduction of the notch. Many were quick to call it inelegant, unsightly, and decidedly un-Apple. This iPhone design, however, proved to be shrewd.

Today, the notch simply fades into the background for most users. If anything, the current iPhone design continues to look better than most rival Android devices out there. But not one to be content with current success, rumor has it that Apple has some interesting plans ahead with respect to future iPhone models. Specifically, there are rumors that Apple is flirting with the idea of removing the notch entirely and replacing it with a design where important sensors are housed underneath or slightly above the display.

Mockup shows futuristic iPhone design

We’ll get into what the iPhone 14 design will look like in more depth below, but for now, just know that removing the notch won’t be done in one fell swoop. Doing so will take some time. In the interim, rumor has it that Apple’s iPhone 15 will feature a hole punch and pill design combo. Even more intriguing is that Apple may implement this new design schema on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models.

If this rumor pans out, this might be the future of iPhone design for a short while.

And just recently, we saw a rumor pointing to the iPhone 15 embedding Face ID underneath the display. This type of aesthetic, if Apple goes in this direction, would create an incredibly slick and futuristic device.

To this end, the YouTube channel TechBlood recently put together a video depicting what this device might look like.

And perhaps acknowledging that placing every sensor underneath the display is unlikely in the short-term, note that this video depicts an iPhone with a tiny forehead housing the selfie camera.

iPhone 14 rumors we can bank on

An iPhone 14 design without a notch or pill-inspired design is beyond improbable at this point. Still, we have seen a slew of credible iPhone 14 rumors worth touching on. So while the next iPhone release cycle may not include a shocking new design, there’s still a lot worth getting excited about.

For instance, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro models may have a pill-styled design that looks something like this:

iPhone 14 Pro new notch design concept
iPhone 14 Pro new notch design concept: Phone’s front and back. Image source: the Hacker 34 / YouTube

Apple’s entry-level iPhone 14 models, meanwhile, will reportedly retain the current notch design.

Also interesting is that the camera bump will reportedly be flush with the back of the device. Whether this will result in a slightly thicker form factor remains to be seen. It’s also possible that Apple will be able to achieve this thanks to their ongoing advancements with computational photography. Incidentally, a more recent rumor suggests we might see a thicker camera bump.

Additionally, we’ve seen reports that the iPhone 14 will be available in additional colors and will boast round volume buttons similar to the iPhone 4 design.

It’s also worth noting that we may not see an iPhone 14 Mini. While I always loved the iPhone 14 Mini form factor, the device never proved to be popular with consumers. Sales, according to some reports, have been surprisingly low for years. It’s very possible that many people who would otherwise pick up an iPhone Mini picked up an iPhone SE instead. Consequently, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 lineup may only be available in 6.1 and 6.7-inch form factors.

And lastly, if you’re a fan of Apple’s ProMotion display, the feature will likely remain exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

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