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Survey shows iPhone users really don’t care about the notch everyone freaked out over

iPhone XS features

We’re one week out from the reveal of a new lineup of iPhone models, but there don’t appear to be many surprises left unspoiled. We know that the follow-up to the iPhone X will be called the iPhone XS; we know that there will be a larger, 6.5-inch model with the same design; and we know that Apple will show off a third model with an LCD display. All that’s left to unveil are the details, but what exactly are iPhone fans looking for in a new phone?

This week, USA Today shared the results of a survey it conducted with SurveyMonkey about which new features they are most looking forward to on the new phones. Although there are plenty of potential answers, the 1,665 adults that responded highlights three key features that they care about more than anything else.

USA Today says that 75% of respondents want longer battery life, 66% want a shatter-proof glass display, and 44% would like for Apple to add expandable storage. Those are the only three features that were voted on at least 40% of the time, though a significant number of respondents also still want the headphone jack back.

Other features that Apple fans are pining for include replacing the proprietary Lightning port with a USB-C charging port, improving the FaceID system, and a faster refresh rate for apps. At the very bottom of the list with just a 10% response rate was the removal of the notch. Despite the fact that a vocal minority went crazy when Apple’s new iPhone X design was first unveiled last year, it appears most consumers are fine with the notch.

That last point is good news for Apple, as every iPhone model coming out in 2018 is reportedly going to feature the notch. When asked to choose a single feature, battery life still came out on top, with the shatter-proof display coming in second. We’ll see if Apple makes any of these dreams come true next week.

Jacob Siegal is Associate Editor at BGR, having joined the news team in 2013. He has over a decade of professional writing and editing experience, and helps to lead our technology and entertainment product launch and movie release coverage.