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Space News

NASA says we might find alien pollution before we find aliens

If intelligent alien civilizations exist in space, it’s possible that we may find signs of their existence before we find the aliens themselves. A new study by NASA suggests that industrialized civilizations on >>

SpaceX just shattered an almost unfathomable record

SpaceX has already set a huge number of records with its reusable rocket technology. A new record set by the company on Sunday isn’t related to its rockets directly, but it’s still an >>

Mars is wobbling, and scientists have questions

Using data collected over 18 years of observations, scientists now say that the planet Mars is wobbling. The planet’s wiggling results in its poles moving on a regular basis. Earth also has a >>

Astronauts were allowed to eat veggies grown in space

Astronauts living aboard the International Space Station had the opportunity to taste-test some food that was grown in their own orbiting laboratory. Radishes grown on the space station took 27 days to mature >>