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Space News

The Moon’s surface is heavily radioactive

Researchers have determined that the surface of the Moon is highly radioactive due to a combination of factors. The surface of the Moon is approximately two to three times as radioactive as the >>

If there’s life on Venus, where did it come from?

Researchers have examined various possibilities for how life may have arrived at Venus. Chemical signatures in the atmosphere suggest the possibility of life, but no confirmation has been made. One possibility is that >>

Planets made of diamond may be hanging out in the cosmos

Researchers theorize that, under the right conditions, carbon-rich exoplanets could generate huge quantities of diamonds beneath their surface. The recipe including heat, pressure, carbon, water, and time results in diamonds, and some planets >>

Researchers find hints of life in Venus atmosphere

Scientists have detected higher-than-expected levels of a chemical in Venus’s atmosphere that may indicate the presence of life. The chemical can be produced by microbes, but can also be created artificially or within >>