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North Korea

Last Week Tonight North Korea

John Oliver explains North Korea, that other giant crisis you forgot about

August 14th, 2017

With this weekend’s news cycle understandably absorbed with the events in Charlottesville, it’s easy to forget that a game of nuclear brinksmanship between a pair of stubborn leaders is accelerating rapidly towards the use of nuclear weapons. Luckily, late-night comedians are here to remind us about the impending fall of civilization. John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight dedicated …

North Korea WannaCry investigation

North Korea behind WannaCry ransomware attack, British intelligence claims

June 18th, 2017

A report from ZDNet cites sources inside the British National Cyber Security Centre, who claim that North Korea was behind the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that hit millions of users worldwide. The ransomware software spread like wildfire between infected Windows machines, and hit the UK particularly hard. A number of hospitals and regional health services were taken offline …

WannaCry Ransomware Windows Virus Origin

North Korean hackers ‘highly likely’ behind WannaCry attack

May 23rd, 2017

North Korean hackers responsible for the Sony hack in late 2014 may be behind the mid-May WannaCry ransomware attack that infected more than 300,000 computer systems around the world. This is the second time in a matter of days that a security company links the infamous Lazarus Group to the cyber attack. The hackers, believed …

WannaCry Windows Virus North Korea

WannaCry ransomware may have been concocted in North Korea

May 16th, 2017

Well, isn’t this ironic? The NSA-derived Windows malware that shook the world over the weekend may be a North Korean creation, new revelations show. That’s right, the vulnerability that someone stole from the NSA may have been used to create a highly viral Windows virus that affected more than 300,000 computer systems in over 150 …