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iPhone X Plus

iPhone X Plus Release Date

Video gets up close and personal with Apple’s only new 2018 iPhone design

September 4th, 2018

just when we thought we already knew everything there was to know about Apple’s next-generation iPhone lineup, a big leak last week uncovered some new details. Specifically, the leak revealed that Apple’s best iPhone models ever will have Apple’s worst name ever: iPhone XS. That’s right, the name of Apple’s new iPhone models will use two …

iPhone X Plus Release Date

Whatever you do, don’t buy an iPhone X right now

August 23rd, 2018

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is now just one day away from being released, and the company’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ from earlier this year are available from retailers across the country at discounted prices. The OnePlus 6 is an outstanding phone and it’s even less expensive. LG has some nice phones out right now, …

iPhone X Plus Release Date

Yup, we know exactly when Apple’s 2018 iPhones will be released

August 22nd, 2018

This year is set to be something of a special year for Apple because it will mark the completion of a major transformation that began in 2017. Apple’s iPhone X marked the first complete overhaul of the iPhone’s design since the original model was released back in 2007. iPhones over the years had shared a …

New iPhone 2018 Release Date

All three leaked 2018 iPhones designs shown in side-by-side in new 4K video

August 13th, 2018

Like every year, Apple’s next-generation iPhones have been floating around for weeks despite the fact that they haven’t yet been released. I mean the dummy units, of course, which almost anybody can order from China months before Apple actually unveils its new products. We already know that three new iPhones are coming, including an updated …

iPhone X plus leak confirmed vs iPhone X

A big iPhone X Plus leak just came from Apple’s own software

August 3rd, 2018

At almost exactly this time last year, app developers found definitive proof of the iPhone X’s front design hiding inside iOS 11. The “glyph,”as that kind of outline symobol is called, showed the iPhone X’s soon-to-be-iconic notch design off for the first time, and was one of the key pieces of the puzzle as we …