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bennu News

This video from NASA’s asteroid probe is stunning

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe performed its Touch-And-Go maneuver on the space rock Bennu days ago. The new video shows the probe slapping the surface of the asteroid and kicking up material with its >>

NASA’s asteroid probe just found something unexpected

Scientists studying the asteroid Bennu have discovered parts of a different asteroid on its surface. Bennu has chunks of the asteroid Vesta on its surface, and researchers can only guess as to how >>

Why is this asteroid sending parts of itself into space?

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe has spotted the asteroid Bennu flinging pieces of its own surface into space. These “particle ejection events” happen all the time, and NASA scientists have already spotted over 300 >>

NASA finally picked its landing spot on asteroid Bennu

Earlier this month, NASA revealed the final four would-be landing spots for its OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe. The locations, known as Nightingale, Kingfisher, Osprey, and Sandpiper, represented the areas of the asteroid where the >>