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How to make your profile private on Facebook


How do you make your Facebook profile private?

Facebook is an amazing way to connect with people from different parts of the world. Signing up for a Facebook account requires you to upload certain personal information. This makes it possible for other Facebook users to find and connect with you.

The signup process makes your Facebook profile visible to the public and other search engines without the befitting privacy settings.

Personal information like your birth date, place of residence, occupation, email address, phone number, and more could be seen by anyone. This could make you feel insecure.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your Facebook profile private.

This article will guide you on how to make your profile private on Facebook. Although it is not a one-step process, you can easily make a lot of privacy changes to your Facebook profile.

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How to change your Facebook privacy settings on desktop

Before we get to how to change your privacy settings, there are a few things you should know.

There are different levels of privacy on the Facebook app which allow you to remain as private as you want. They include;

Only me – This privacy feature allows whatever you post or choose to be visible to only you and no one else.

Public – This means that everyone with a link can view your information even without owning a Facebook account.

Friends – This allows only the people on your friends’ list to access your data. You can also block out certain friends on your friends’ list from viewing your profile page by selecting the ” all except” option.

Friend of friends – With this privacy setting, your profile is visible to people you share mutual friends with.

Now that you know this, let’s get to it.

Open Facebook on any browser on your desktop

  • Go to the navigation bar of your browser and type in
Facebook url in the search bar.
  • Login to your Facebook account by inputting all the necessary details, like your username and password, correctly.
Input your details to log in to your Facebook profile to make it private
  • If you do not remember your password, click on the Forgotten password? option. This prompts a new password to be sent to your email. Use this new password to login into your account.
Click the "Forgotten password" if you cannot remember your passsword log in to your Facebook profile

Go to the settings page

  • After successfully accessing your Facebook page, your feed appears.
A Facebook feed lon your Facebook profile
  • Click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.
Click the Facebook profile icon

This would reveal a drop-down menu where you find a list of options like Log Out, Settings & privacy and so on.

The drop-down menu on the clicked profile icon
  • Select Settings & privacy. This takes you to the general account settings option.
Click the Settings option.

Select the Privacy Center tab

The Settings option should provide a list that contains further options like Activity log, Privacy Checkup, Privacy Center, Privacy, etc.

  • Click on Privacy Center.
The Privacy center tab is an overview of the Privacy checkup tab that you can use to make your profile private on Facebook

This opens the privacy page. This privacy page provides you with options to help make your Facebook profile private.

The Privacy center page gives a list of privacy choices. to make your profile private on Facebook

Get your Facebook account private

On this page, you can limit or edit who sees what on your profile page by selecting the appropriate option provided for you.

The options provided have been further divided into different sections: Security, Sharing, Collection, Use, Ads, and Teens.


Choose the option you'd like to review from the list to help make your profile private on Facebook

The first option — Security, provides your Facebook account with an additional layer of security. There, you can enable Two-Factor Authentication and a bunch of other helpful options.


Select an option you'd like to review from the Sharing privacy list to help make your profile private on Facebook

This settings sub-menu allows you a bunch of options. You can limit past posts from being viewed and view your profile the way other Facebook users will.

You can also review your past activity logs and control who can send you a friend request.


Control how Facebook collects your information and what they do with it.

Collection controls the information you reveal about yourself to Facebook and what this processed information is used for.


Select one of the option listed to review it

With this setting, you get to see how Facebook uses the information your profile reveals, for your own benefit. E.g, if you like or comment on another user’s picture often, Facebook uses that info to show you such person’s profile more often.


Facebook tracks other users information and makes it visible to you if you're a targeted audience

This setting controls how Facebook uses information related to your business to show you targeted ads.


Some privacy settings on Facebook are different for people under the age of 18.

This sub-menu helps you control who can see what you post, what type of posts you can get tagged in, and so on.

To make your profile totally private, choose the ‘only me’ option or the ‘only friends’ option to make your profile visible to only your friends.

Under the Your activity log section, you can also make your future posts private, or control who sees your previous posts.

Manage other privacy settings

With the privacy menu, your profile will have more visibility control.

You get to decide:

Who can access you based on the email address provided, Who can send you a friend request, Who can view your friend requests, and Who can look you up based on the phone number you provided,

You also get to choose If you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile.

Peruse these privacy settings to control your account and profile and you will have a private Facebook account!

How to make your Facebook profile private on your mobile phone

Keeping your Facebook profile private is quite simple and straightforward. The steps are the same for iPhones and Android devices.

Go to your Facebook settings and click on Privacy Checkup

  • Click the three-line menu on the right-hand corner of your screen.
Tap the hamburger icon to open the menu side bar
  • Click the settings icon
Tap the gear icon to go to your Facebook profile Settings and Privacy page
  • Under Settings and privacy. Choose the Privacy Checkup option. It will take you to a new page that has different options.
Click on the Privacy checkup option
  • Choose the option that says Who can see what you share and tap the continue button.
An overview of the Mobile's app privacy checkup page
  • A bunch of privacy options would be displayed on your screen. Pick a privacy option that best suits your needs.
Tap continue to go to the next page
  • After the process is done, click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page and from there you can choose who sees what posts you share.
Tap Next when you have revieed this option

You can also limit the audience of your previous posts, and block other users from seeing your posts, tagging you, or contacting you.

Review the option and tap Next when done.

For more privacy options

The steps above only give you a limited privacy option. To enable more privacy details, follow these steps.

Open Facebook on your phone

If you do not already have the Facebook app on your phone, download it from your Android Play Store or your Apple App Store.

Conversely, you can simply log in to your account using your phone’s browser.

Go to your settings

  • Navigate to the top right corner and click on the Settings & privacy icon.
Click the gear icon or Settings & privacy at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on Audience and Visibility. Now you can pick each option under this section and edit the privacy setting to suit your needs.
Select from the listed options under this sub menu
  • To make your posts private, tap on Posts and edit the default privacy setting to what you prefer.
Select an option from this section to edit to our wish

This step allows you to extensively edit your privacy status on Facebook

How to make your friends list private on Facebook

Facebook’s default setting allows everyone to view your friends’ list whether they are your friend on Facebook or not. You can make adjustments to this arrangement by changing the default setting to either Only me or Friends.

This guideline would help you make your friends list private on Facebook.

Go to your Settings & privacy page

  • To get here, go to your settings (the three-line menu) at the right-hand corner or bottom right corner of your screen.
Click the gear icon or Settings & privacy at the bottom of the screen
  • Select Settings & privacy, then click on the Privacy Checkup.
Tap the Facebook profile Privacy checkup section

A page appears where you’ll find a section titled: How people can find you on Facebook.

Click on the highlighted box

In this section, you will find an edit button in front of Who can send you friend requests?‘.

  • Click on the edit button and make the necessary privacy changes.

To make your friends list private to you alone, you can select the Only me option or Friends to make it visible to only your friends. Tap Next when you are done

You can also allow only specific friends to view your friends list by selecting specific Facebook friends or using the Friends Except option.

How to make albums private on Facebook

Your albums may contain pictures of your personal life and family members and you may not want a total stranger viewing them.

Here’s how to make these pictures private:

Pick out the album you want to edit

To do this, go to your Facebook profile and look for your photos tab.

Click on the albums you want to make private.

Click the three dots on the album

Click on the option avalaible to edit your album

The three horizontal dots on the right top corner of the album provides you with the editing option. Select the Edit button and make your privacy decisions.

Edit Privacy

Select your desired settings

You can now give viewing privileges to your audience as you deem fit. It could be the Only me option or the Friends option.

Some photos come with individual privacy settings which allow you to edit your privacy photo by photo.

How to make your Facebook profile inaccessible to search engines

Visit your Facebook privacy settings

  • Navigate to Settings and select Settings and privacy. The settings tab would open up a column on the left side of your screen, click on Privacy Checkup.
Tap the Privacy checkup section to make things private on Facebook

Edit Profile

Under the Privacy tab, you would find a section that says How people find and contact you. Click the edit button next to the Do you want other search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile prompt and clear the box. By doing this, you have deactivated the option that allows search engines to link to your profile.

Toggle off the switch to deactivate search engines from linking to your profile to make your profile private on Facebook

Hiding your birthdate on Facebook

  • Go to your Facebook profile and click on Edit profile.
First click on the highlighted space to edit profile on Facebook

This would prompt a pop-up to appear in the middle of your screen. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and select Edit Your About Info.

Click to edit your info

A section for About info would appear on your screen. Click on the Contact and Basic Info section and select the edit button in front of your birth date and year.

This section helps you edit your birthday

Edit your birth date privacy status by determining who gets to see your birth date information.

Using the drop-down menu, select Only me, Friends, Friends Except, or Specific Friends depending on what suits you best.

Make birthday private on Facebook

You can also decide to share your birthday with your friends without letting them see the year you were born.

Hopefully, controlling who gets to see your future posts, previous posts, occupation, place of residence, albums, and so on has been made easy with these few instructions.

Now, you can freely use Facebook without worrying that someone might be stalking you on social media.

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