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Fans of Netflix’s The Crown need to watch the trailer for The Empress right now

the empress netflix

A new Netflix trailer hit the web on Wednesday, August 17, pointing toward the release next month of The Empress — a 6-part German-language original series that’s already drawn comparisons to another prestige Netflix drama (The Crown).

In truth, the similarities are all over the story (and trailer), daring you to ignore them. The dramatic orchestral score, a princess in love with a royal who she’s not “supposed” to be with, longing glances, sumptuous visuals … you get the idea.

The Empress Netflix trailer

Check out the trailer for The Empress, embedded below. Meanwhile, here’s how Netflix describes the new series, which hits the streamer on September 29. “When the rebellious Elisabeth (“Sisi”) meets Franz, the Emperor of Austria, the young couple’s intoxicating love completely upsets the power structure at the Viennese court.

“After the wedding, the young empress must assert herself not only against her mother-in-law, the sovereign, power-hungry Sophie, but also against Franz’s brother Maxi, who himself longs for the throne (and for Sisi).”

Meanwhile, enemy troops are also massing on the borders of the Habsburg Empire. When the proletariat rises up in protest against the emperor, Elisabeth must decide who she can trust. As well as what price is required to be a true empress and a figure of hope.

the empress netflix
Philip Froissant and Melika Foroutan in the Netflix series “The Empress.” Image source: Netflix

The Empress offers us the chance to tell the moving story of Empress Elisabeth for a contemporary audience,” showrunner Katharina Eyssen explains. “According to a modern image of women. Devrim (Lingnau) is not only a highly talented, multi-faceted actress, but for me embodies this very woman: Intelligent, passionate, rebellious.

“Philip Froissant, for his part, will make of the role of Franz Joseph something we have not seen before. An ambivalent and fascinating ruler, whose conflicts are more topical than ever.”

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Netflix’s next The Crown?

One YouTube commenter, in a note attached to the newly released Netflix trailer, joked that this first-look footage “has already destroyed the first two seasons of Bridgerton.”

In other implied connections to The Crown, meanwhile, it’s also interesting to note one other thing about Sisi. She inspired tremendous love and devotion from the public, akin to that directed at the Princess of Wales. She was also part of what arguably was the first celebrity royal couple in Europe, and her beauty was legendary.

According to Vogue, she actually spent three hours each day simply having her gorgeous locks of hair cared for.

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