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eufy robot vacuums have deep discounts for Cyber Monday 2023

Published Nov 27th, 2023 4:25AM EST
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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There are so many fantastic Roomba deals for Cyber Monday, with several hot new models on sale with deep discounts. Of course, iRobot’s high-end models are still pretty pricey even while they’re discounted.

If you want a powerful robot vacuum with premium features, there’s another brand you should consider during Cyber Monday 2023. eufy Clean is Anker’s sub-brand that’s focused on smart home cleaning solutions, and a few of its best new robot vacuum models are on sale at the lowest prices ever.

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Amazon Logo See Pricing

To start things off, we have one of my favorite new upper-mid-range robot vacuum models. It’s called the eufy Clean X8 Pro, and I’ve been testing it for a few weeks now.

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First released back in late September 2023, the eufy Clean X8 Pro is a big step up from most other robot vacuums in this price range.

The very first thing I noticed when I started testing the X8 Pro was how good it is with pet hair. My dog sheds all year round, and he has long hair that most robot vacuums have trouble with. In fact, as I mentioned in my Roomba s9+ review, the s9+ is really the only model I’ve tested so far that doesn’t leave tons of dog hair behind on my rugs.

eufy Clean’s new X8 Pro has two things going for it that help with pet hair. First, this model has powerful suction with dual motors that reach up to 4,000Pa on carpeting. And second, there’s a special “Pro-Detangle Comb” that helps keep pet hair and human hair from getting caught in the roller brush.

I can still find a little bit of dog hair left behind on my rugs when the X8 Pro is done cleaning. But it does a much better job than similarly-priced models I’ve tested.

Other key features of the X8 Pro include a self-empty station that holds up to 45 days of debris, laser navigation, AI-assisted mapping, and more. This model retails for $650, but it’s on sale for just $449.99 during Cyber Monday. That’s a huge 31% discount, which drops the X8 Pro the the lowest price ever.

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If you want all the great features of the eufy Clean X8 Pro for even less money, there’s another option. The same model is also on sale without the self-empty base station, so you can get it for $349.99 instead.

Personally, I would definitely spend the extra $100 to get the auto-empty dock. It makes life so much easier when you don’t have to think about emptying your robot vacuum every time it runs.

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Upgrade to the X9 Pro for a big mopping boost

Anyone in search of a big upgrade from the X8 Pro will definitely want to check out the other Cyber Monday 2023 deal that eufy Clean is running.

The good news is that robot vacuum and mop combo devices with self-washing mops are getting way more affordable than they were last year. But the bad news is that most of them are still very expensive.

eufy Clean’s X9 Pro is the perfect example. At $900, it retails for much less than comparable models from other brands. That being said, $900 is still a ton of money to spend on a robot vacuum.

Thankfully, this hot new eufy Clean model is on sale with a huge discount for Cyber Monday 2023.

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The X9 Pro is a true flagship model, with nearly all the cutting-edge features you could want. It’s also remarkably powerful, with up to 5,500Pa of suction. But to me, the best part is the mop.

This model has dual rotating mop pads that use up to 2.2 pounds of adaptive pressure to scrub your floors clean. The mopping pads also automatically lift when the vacuum gets to a carpet or rug, to ensure that it doesn’t make a mess.

When the X9 Pro is done vacuuming and mopping, it returns to the charging dock. There, all the debris is automatically sucked out, just like the X8 Pro. But this special base station also automatically washes the mop pads and then dries them with 104-degree hot air. Say goodbye to gross odors.

This flagship model retails for $900, as I mentioned earlier. For Cyber Monday 2023, however, the eufy Clean X9 Pro is on sale for $649.99.

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