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Everywhere you can buy Samsung’s Galaxy Fold when it goes on sale next week

Samsung Galaxy Fold release

Reviews of Samsung’s much-hyped foldable phone have started to trickle out, with many of them — like this one from The Verge — seeming to grade the forthcoming Galaxy Fold on something of a curve. One of the highlights they note is that it’s an overall solid effort for a device that will finally launch on April 26 for an eye-popping $1,980, and that there’s not much of a learning curve or general awkwardness associated with the device — despite the fact that this is a smartphone with a foldable screen.

If you actually want to buy one of these unusual, super-expensive handsets? Read on for some options about where you can pick up the Galaxy Fold on launch day at the end of next week.

As you’re probably aware if you’ve had any interest in getting your hands on one, AT&T has been the only carrier you can preorder the device from. It will still cost $1,980, but broken out over a 30-month payment plan it works out to a much more manageable $66 a month added to your regular bill. AT&T is also waiving the up-front fee, and its landing page as of the time of this writing is also showing the device will be shipped on April 25.

As far as your other options go, the handset will be available through T-Mobile starting April 26. According to the Un-carrier’s FAQ, if you’re hoping for an installation agreement or any other deal, though, you’re out of luck. The company also says there that the Galaxy Fold will be available through all of its channels.

Best Buy, meanwhile, is apparently going the special offer route, with its page up now showing the inclusion of three months free of SiriusXM streaming. You can fork over the entire $1,980 at once, or choose from a couple of installment agreements that require AT&T Next, according to this page.

And then there’s Samsung itself. You can check the online store here on launch day, where visitors are greeted now with a message explaining that pre-orders at have “surpassed expectations,” with new pre-orders not currently being accepted. If you don’t want to wait, Samsung’s online store is steering users to AT&T and T-Mobile.

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