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Pi-Pop is the first electric bike that doesn’t have a battery

Published Sep 21st, 2023 9:48PM EDT
Pi-Pop e-bike
Image: Pi-Pop

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E-bikes offer a nice compromise for cyclists who want to be able to ride but don’t want to always rely on their legs to get the pedaling done. Unfortunately, most e-bikes require charging, which means you risk forgetting to put it on the charger one day and having no juice when you go for your ride. The Pi-Pop e-bike looks to relieve that issue by not using a battery at all.

Now, it might seem strange to talk about an e-bike and the fact that it doesn’t have a battery. In fact, it’s such a strange thing that Pi-Pop is the first e-bike that doesn’t utilize a battery to power it; instead, the bike relies on a supercapacitor, which stocks up on the energy that is generated when you pedal, ride down hills, and even when braking.

pi-pop graphic explains how e-bike recharges compared to standard e-bikes
This graphic showcases how the Pi-Pop e-bike recharges compared to how standard e-bike batteries drain during a ride. Image source: Pi-Pop

It’s a really novel idea that has seen some success, as the company is currently shipping the third generation of the Pi-Pop e-bike. The supercapacitor on the bike is built to last 10 to 15 years, which means purchasing one now will give you a great bike to rely on for at least a decade. It’s also made from completely recyclable materials.

Now, the Pi-Pop e-bike doesn’t sport titanium bike wheels, which means you may need to replace them at some point throughout that 10 to 15 year period. However, its ability to recharge itself during braking, riding downhill, and pedaling means you’ll never have to sweat forgetting to put it on the charger again. 

Of course, all of those benefits come at a hefty price, with the Pi-Pop retailing for  €2450, roughly $2,613 here in the States. The bike is made of an aluminum frame, and it only comes in one style for both men and women.

We’ve seen similar technology used to create gravity-powered trains, which never need to recharge their batteries, but it is interesting to see that tech put to work in an e-bike like the Pi-Pop. Hopefully, we can also see it appearing in other places, like perhaps in electric cars and other types of transportation.

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