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The iOS 10 beta might lock you out of your Apple ID

iOS 10 Beta bugs

The iOS 10 beta was released to the public last week, providing a sneak peek at Apple’s upcoming software to millions of people. Unfortunately, it’s also been providing a sneak peek at how iOS 10 can randomly lock your Apple ID, making all your expensive iDevices instantly useless.

And no, Apple Support doesn’t really know what’s going on.

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A Reddittor first brought the issue to light, claiming that several users have seen the same glitch. First, they see a message on all of their Apple devices, requesting that the user re-enter their Apple ID password. Apparently, that’s due to a bug with app-specific passwords, which affects all versions of iOS. It shouldn’t be a big deal — you just have to re-enter or reset your password.

The problem comes withe iOS 10 beta. Apparently, Apple’s iForgot password reset feature is completely broken for beta users who have two-factor authentication turned on. That means anyone who needs to reset their password, either because they forgot, or because iOS locked them out, can’t do so:

At approximately 9:50 AM EDT, all of my signed in Apple devices requested that I enter the password in Settings (or System Preferences, respectively). I was told upon entering my password that my account had been locked out due to security reasons. Upon visiting the iForgot (Apple’s password reset site) page and entering my email, I was greeted with a message saying “Server error” and “Your request could not be completed at this time.” Dumbfounded and unable to find any traces of this error on Google or Reddit, I called them up wondering what could be causing it (beta, outage, compromised). I was helped by a nice lady who informed me that there were no outages and that she hadn’t received any information about this bug. I then spoke to her supervisor who told me that there was nothing he could do, and because I had two-factor authentication enabled he could not put my account in “troubleshooting mode” for the engineers. Right now, my case has been forwarded to the iTunes engineers and I will be getting called back sometime in the next week. He told me that the problem may be an outage on a server used for beta software or a programming mistake (which seems most likely) and it could resolve itself.

We’ve reached out to Apple, but the company has yet to confirm the bug or provide a fix. Some Reddit users appear to be finding workarounds, such as getting Apple Support to send a link to return to previous security settings.