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How fast is iOS 11 anyway?

Now that iOS 11 is out, and you can update your iPhone and iPad to Appleā€™s best iOS upgrade in years, you may be wondering how fast iOS 11 is compared to the >>

You can already jailbreak iOS 10.2

For every new update Apple puts out, there’s a small and intrepid team of hackers out on the internet trying to break Apple’s security. Running a jailbroken version of iOS lets you take >>

All the ways iOS has gotten worse in recent years

Even Apple’s harshest critics can generally agree that there are a few areas where Apple shines brighter than most companies. The first is customer service, which is one area where Apple is without >>

The worst things about iOS 10.2

After a length beta period that included seven different beta releases, Apple finally released iOS 10.2 to the public earlier this week. While iOS 10.2 isn’t a major iOS release, it packs a number >>