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Figma Persona Quiz 2022 recaps your creative process and gives tips for next year

Updated Dec 14th, 2022 6:23AM EST
Figma Persona 2022 Quiz
Image: Figma

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While Spotify, Apple Music, and Netflix gather all your data to show a recap of your year, Figma decided to take a different approach. With Figma Persona Quiz 2022, the company gives you a set of 21 “thought-provoking” questions that will tell you about your unique working style throughout this year.

There are four different categories with eight different personas. Here are them:

The organized individualists

  • Type 1: Lone Ascender
  • Type 2: Canvas Captain

The free-styling individualists

  • Type 3: Direct Mobilizer
  • Type 4: Artful Detacher
Figma Persona 2022 QuizImage source: Figma

The organized collectivists

  • Type 5: Bounding Boxer
  • Type 6 Branch Merger

The free-styling collectivists

  • Type 7: Vector Networker
  • Type 8: Bezier Curve Baller

The Figma Persona Quiz 2022 uses a highly sophisticated widget to analyze people’s unique creative characteristics across three axes: how they generate ideas and solve problems, how they set up their workspaces and utilize various tools, and how they work with others.

After you take the quiz, Figma says it “won’t judge how you organize your files or whether you jive tackling problems solo or in lockstep with a troupe,” after all “there’s no such thing as a ‘bad persona’– only a great one waiting to be discovered.”

Figma says that for each persona, the company has curated a list of tips and tools they can dive into next year. “From trying new templates to letting go with some lo-fi beats, these recommendations are intended to help you break out of your comfort zone,” says the company.

We hope you use the Figma Persona Quiz as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your collaborators and set intentions for the year ahead. Remember: How you show up today doesn’t define who you show up as tomorrow. Take a look at your Figma Persona and decide what you want to carry forward into 2023, what you want to celebrate, and what you might want to leave behind. See you in 2023!

José Adorno Tech News Reporter

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