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Most viewed video on YouTube

‘Gangnam Style’ is no longer the most-viewed video on YouTube

July 11th, 2017

As it turns out, 2017 does have some silver linings. Gangnam Style, which has dominated the YouTube video leaderboards for the last five years, is out. It’s been surpassed for most all-time views by Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again, the collaboration with Charlie Puth written as a tribute to late Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker. BBC first noticed …

Apple may launch revamped iTunes Store, App Store later this year

February 20th, 2012

Apple may be working on an overhaul of its iTunes Store and App Store, according to 9to5Mac. Due to growing competition from music streaming services like Spotify and the growing popularity of Amazon’s online music store, the redesign of the iTunes Store is considered “a top priority for Apple.” The Cupertino-based company is looking to …

Samsung marketing boss: Consumers should be obsessed with Samsung, not Apple

January 30th, 2012

Samsung’s new run of television commercials is the start of a wider effort to make the company’s products the apple of the U.S. consumer’s eye. The ads, which mock iPhone users for their obsession with Apple products, attempt to present Samsung as the smarter, cooler alternative. On a larger scale however, Samsung is hoping to … shut down, founder charged with violating piracy laws

January 19th, 2012

Federal prosecutors in Virginia have shut down notorious file-sharing site and charged the service’s founders with violating piracy laws. The Associated Press broke the story on Thursday, reporting that the indictment accuses’s owner with costing copyright holders including record labels and movie studios more than $500 million in lost revenue. Seven people tied to have been …

Apple’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ app brings 12 days of iTunes freebies

December 26th, 2011

Apple on Monday released the 2012 edition of its “12 Days of Christmas” application for iOS devices. From December 26th through January 6th, Apple is giving away free iTunes content including songs, music videos, apps and books to iOS device owners. New content is accessible through the app each day and free downloads will expire …