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Rover News

China’s Mars mission is ready for launch

China’s space agency is scheduled to launch its first Mars rover mission this week. The Tianwen-1 mission will include both a Mars orbiter as well as a lander and rover. The mission is >>

NASA’s new Mars rover has ridiculous vision

NASA’s Perseverance rover is equipped with a suite of imaging tools that will help it navigate and study the landscape of Mars. A total of five visual instruments are installed on the rover’s >>

The Mars 2020 rover finally has a name

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission is one of the agency’s most ambitious yet, but the rover that will be the star of the show has lived its entire life inside of NASA’s facilities without >>

NASA needs your help to design a Venus rover

NASA does its best to involve the public in its various projects and missions, probably because it knows how much we all love science and space, but when it comes to actually design >>