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Pets News

CDC says social distancing guidelines now apply to pets

Social distancing guidelines to fight the coronavirus pandemic — which has now infected more than 1 million Americans — don’t just apply to people. The CDC is now recommending that Americans keep their >>

Man dies after being licked by his dog

A man in Germany has died and his dog is being blamed for his passing. The dog didn’t bite or attack the man in any way, it simply licked him. The bizarre story >>

San Diego woman living in a van surrenders 320 pet rats

Rats have kind of a bad rap. Yeah, they’re scavengers in big cities and have a long and storied history of spreading disease, but generally speaking, they’re actually pretty lovely creatures. They’re smart >>

CDC: Stop kissing your pet turtle

An outbreak of salmonella infections across 13 states has prompted the Centers for Disease Control to issue a rather bizarre warning to the owners of pet turtles: please stop kissing them. A new >>