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samsung smartwatch patent

Samsung’s new smartwatch patent is all about the rim

March 28th, 2017

If you really stop and think about it, smartwatches are one of the wildest ideas for a mass market gadget. It’s a computer with a touchscreen that you wear on your wrist. It’s weird, not particularly practical, and the drawbacks are too many to list. But the Pebble, Apple Watch, and various Samsung Gear-whatevers that are …

wireless charging

Sony just invented a way to wirelessly steal power from someone else’s phone

March 16th, 2017

It’s hard to predict just how far away we are from wireless charging becoming commonplace, but Sony is preparing itself for that inevitable future with a brand new patent that could be both incredibly useful and somewhat creepy. The patent aims to solve the all-too-common problem of finding yourself with a nearly depleted smartphone battery by …

amazon delivery drones

Amazon just patented a floating warehouse, because why not?

December 29th, 2016

If Amazon’s free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime and huge number of products available for next-day delivery for just a few dollars more isn’t fast enough for you, perhaps you’d rather just have the entire Amazon warehouse fly right to you. A recent patent by the online mega retailer suggests that just such a thing may …

NASA Patents

NASA offers its patent portfolio to start-ups with no up-front payment required

October 11th, 2015

While most people tend to view NASA solely in the context of space exploration, the famed government agency also has a surprising number of inventions to its name. From creating memory foam in the early 1960s to coming up with Cochlear Implants in the 1970s, the list of innovative products and advanced technologies with roots at NASA …

Apple Patent

How future iPhones could take a cue from… the 2009 BlackBerry Bold?

May 15th, 2015

A recently published Apple patent reveals that the Cupertino-based company may have some interesting plans in store for the home button that graces all iOS devices. According to the patent, which was just published late this week, Apple envisions a dynamic iOS home button that would present users with more granular input options and more.

Toilet Paper Over Or Under

Debate over: This is the correct way to use toilet paper

March 19th, 2015

Mac or PC? Coke or Pepsi? Tupac or Biggie? Some debates are simply meant to rage on for years on end, with impassioned adherents never missing an opportunity to try and convince you that you’re on the wrong side of the equation. Well, now we can finally take one such debate off of the table …

Samsung Patents

Building an arsenal: Samsung filed 3 times more smartphone patents than Apple in 2013

June 24th, 2014

Samsung has apparently had enough of being bullied by Apple in the global smartphone patent war, and it has no intentions of taking the matter sitting down. According to Thomson Reuters’ 2014 State of Innovation Report, Samsung filed a whopping 2,179 smartphone patents last year, including 1,362 related to semiconductor materials and processes. That staggering figure is more than …