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Samsung OLED Laptop

Samsung’s OLED laptops have another key advantage over the competition

May 6th, 2021

Samsung teased its new OLED screens for laptops early in January, revealing the components it will equip various notebooks with this year. It took Samsung a few extra months to launch the new Galaxy Book Pro laptops and 2-in-1s that come with built-in OLED screens. We’ve seen laptops with OLED screens before, but Samsung is …

MacBook Pro OLED

First-ever iPad and MacBook with OLED displays reportedly coming next year

March 5th, 2021

Apple is widely expected to launch several new products this spring, including the mythical AirTags trackers, a new AirPods generation, and the 2021 iPad Pro and iPad mini versions. The iPad refresh is of particular interest given the rumors surrounding these models. The iPad Pro versions are expected to get a variation of the A14 …

Samsung iPhone OLED

Samsung is fighting a hidden war to protect its secrets

February 12th, 2021

A report from South Korea illustrates the unseen tech war between Samsung and China. Samsung has strict practices to prevent employees from stealing sensitive information that could be sold to Chinese companies. China is targeting Samsung engineers with better job offers. The report notes that the South Korean government is also involved in protecting what …

Samsung OLED

Samsung’s exciting new OLED screens are coming to laptops this year

January 21st, 2021

Samsung announced it would manufacture large quantities of 14-inch 90Hz OLED displays that will be just as good as 120Hz LCD screens. Several mysterious “global IT companies” will release new laptops with OLED screens this year, the company said. Samsung is rumored to launch new Galaxy Book Pro notebooks of its own, which are expected …

Samsung OLED

Samsung’s new OLED laptop screens look to blow away the competition

January 5th, 2021

Samsung Display is teasing an exciting upgrade for 2021 laptops: OLED panels. The company presented the advantages of OLED screens over LED displays in a teaser video ahead of its The First Look 2021 display event scheduled for January 6th. It’s unclear what laptops will make use of Samsung’s new OLED screen technology for notebooks. …


LG’s new 2020 OLED TV will roll down from the ceiling

January 2nd, 2020

A few years ago, LG introduced the first rollable TV concept, which became a commercial product at CES 2019. The OLED TV rolls up like a poster from a specialized box, which lets you hide the TV whenever you’re not using it. The next-gen rollable TV from LG will deliver a different innovation. Rather than …