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environment News

Coca-Cola just made this major change to its soda

Coca-Cola this month will introduce a new 13.2oz bottle made out of 100% recycled plastic. Over the next few months, the company’s 20oz bottles will transition to 100% recycled plastic in select markets. >>

Tiny bits of plastic are now falling from the skies

Scientists have found that plastics are invading protected regions of the United States in ways never before known. Tiny bits of plastics are raining down from the skies and floating freely in the >>

Pesticides are messing with the brains of baby bees

In case you hadn’t already heard: Bee populations are being devastated on a global scale due to the use of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. This is bad news for a variety of >>

Humans are releasing way more methane than we thought

In our continued efforts to get human-caused climate change under control, carbon dioxide emissions are a big target for elimination, and for good reason. Carbon dioxide actively contributes to global warming, slowly causing >>