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Dinosaurs News

We might finally know how dinosaurs had sex

Dinosaur bones have told scientists a lot about how the ancient animals lived, hunted, and died, but reproduction has remained largely a mystery. A new fossil from China provides such an incredibly well-preserved >>

An ancient species of crocodile walked on two feet

Researchers have discovered footprints of an ancient species from the crocodile family that walked upright on two legs. These creatures may have looked a bit like dinosaurs, but they weren’t. The tracks date >>

The smallest dinosaur ever was found encased in amber

Scientists say they’ve found the tiniest dinosaur ever, and it was encased in amber.  The fossil, found in Myanmar, is so small that it’s comparable to the smallest bird species alive today.  The >>

Paleontologists found dinosaur feathers

We often think of dinosaurs as big lizards, with reptilian features. For decades, the common belief was that dinosaurs had smooth skin, much like reptiles we see today. That was likely true for >>