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Sprint’s new Unlimited Premium plan is one of the best deals you’re going to see this year

Updated 4 years ago
Sprint Unlimited Premium mobile hotspot
Image: Shutterstock

Sprint gets a lot of flack, much of it deserved. Despite years of promising investment, its network still reliably comes in last place in nationwide studies, its leases use some “interesting” mathematics that see some customers paying more than a phone’s full retail value, and its position on net neutrality is dubious to say the least.

But right now, none of that matters, because Sprint just launched a new Unlimited plan with more perks than you can imagine.

There’s a lot to unpack in Sprint’s new Unlimited Premium offering, so let’s start at the top and work down. You get the standard unlimited plan deals on calling and texting, plus “unlimited” data that will get deprioritized after 50GB. But it also includes access to 1080p video playback, and most importantly, you can use that 50GB of data to run a mobile hotspot. Short of some outrageously expensive fixed-data plans, there’s nothing that can give you more mobile internet, so for people looking for a wired-internet alternative, this is gold. Of course, you also get Sprint’s standard international roaming perks as well.

On its own, that plan would be appealing for $90 a month. But the added extras are what set this plan truly apart. You get a free subscription to Amazon Prime ($10/month if you pay by the year), a subscription to Hulu, a subscription to Tidal, and Lookout Premium Plus, an identity-theft service.

According to Sprint’s math, those services on their own would run you around $40 a month. Even if you’re only going to use Amazon Prime and Hulu, you’d still be saving close to $20 a month, bringing the effective cost of Sprint’s Unlimited Premium down to $70. That’s the same price as the standard unlimited plans from other carriers, so considering you get 50GB of personal hotspot data — which, it’s worth repeating, is something that’s basically impossible to get from other carriers — this is a solid-gold steal.

Of course, it’s only a good deal if you live somewhere with Sprint service. But there’s one other dimension worth considering: Sprint and T-Mobile are currently in the process of merging, and existing Sprint plans should be grandfathered in to the “New T-Mobile” if the merger goes through. In that case, you’d have a killer wireless plan on a much bigger (and likely faster) network, which is like getting in on the ground floor of AT&T’s old grandfathered-in unlimited plans.