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Sprint reactivates its popular Kickstart promotion, unlimited plan for just $25

Published Aug 24th, 2018 8:44PM EDT
Sprint unlimited plans
Image: Shutterstock

Sprint’s time as its own independent carrier is going to be limited, if its corporate owner has its way, but the network isn’t planning on going out with a whimper. Instead, it’s doing what it’s always done best: Undercutting the compeititon with an insanely cheap deal.

Earlier this year, Sprint first launched a promo that offered unlimited data for $15 a month. The deal was way too popular (we assume), because Sprint pulled it just days after it went live. But it’s now back, although the price has been jacked to $25 a month, and there’s a few differences between the unlimited plan on Kickstart at Sprint’s standard offering.

All you have to do to qualify for the $25 unlimited line is port in a number. Unlike a lot of switching deals, there’s no requirement for you to have been with a particular competitor for a set amount of time, so if you’ve got an old Google Voice number burning a hole in your computer somewhere, this is your moment.

The data plan does have a few limitations, and it lacks some of the perks that Sprint normally gives unlimited customers. You can only stream video at up to 480p, music up to 500kbps, and you might be deprioritized at peak times — all the same conditions that other carriers apply to their standard unlimited plans, in fairness. You also don’t get mobile hotspot or free Hulu.

Although Sprint’s network isn’t the best in the nation, it’s also no longer particularly terrible. Sprint has spent considerable cash building out its small cell network, and it also offers innovative solutions like the Magic Box if your coverage isn’t fantastic at home. When you consider the gulf in price between Sprint’s deal and the competition — Sprint’s unlimited plan costs $50 for two lines, whereas most other carriers charge over $100 for two lines. It’s worth noting, however, that the price stays at $25 per line for every additional line, so by the time you get to four lines, you’re paying $100. Four lines of Sprint’s standard Unlimited Basic is $120, so if you have a big family plan, it might not be worth switching.