It’s up in the air as to whether smartwatches will be a success or not. Companies are dumping millions of dollars into the development and release of them, and no one is quite sure whether they will catch on. However, if you ask Google, it will autocomplete the answer for you… and it’s not good news for smartwatch vendors.

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If you search “Smartwatches are” in Google Search, you’ll get a variety of answers that will assure you that people don’t want smartwatches.

Here are the best results for when you search for “Smartwatches are”:

  • Smartwatches are stupid
  • Smartwatches are dumb
  • Smartwatches are useless
  • Smartwatches are ugly

Not the best results you were looking for if you’re investing millions into a new device that you want everybody to use. It’s not only that search that ends in disaster, either, because it also happens when you search “Why smartwatches”:

  • Why smartwatches are stupid
  • Why smart watches will fail
  • Why smart watches are dumb


Again, it remains to be seen whether smartwatches will be successful on the market, especially since this is still a very young market, but Google autocomplete seems to have made up its mind.

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