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Mike Wehner

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venus life

Theory of life on Venus just got absolutely destroyed

January 29th, 2021

Findings of what was thought to be phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus sparked debate over the possibility of life existing on the harsh planet. Now, a new research report offers an explanation that doesn’t hinge on the presence of phosphine and may shoot down the entire theory that life exists on or around Venus. …

mars 2020 landing

NASA is preparing for 7 minutes of absolute terror

January 29th, 2021

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission is closing in on its landing date, which is expected to be just a few weeks away. The mission, which includes the Perseverance rover as well as the Mars Ingenuity helicopter, depends on a successful landing that is largely out of NASA’s hands at the moment. The landing sequence is mostly …

food recall

If you have any of this oatmeal, throw it out now

January 29th, 2021

A brand of oatmeal that is sold across the United States has issued a recall due to the potential for undeclared allergens. The oatmeal, which was sold both online and in retail stores, may contain pecans, almonds, or other tree nuts, but these are not noted on the product label. If an individual with a …

mini moon

Earth’s latest visitor is about to leave us forever

January 28th, 2021

In late 2020 Earth got a new visitor in the form of what was originally thought to be a natural piece of space debris, such as a small asteroid. The object turned out to be a discarded rocket stage that was launched half a century ago and just happened to come back and get sucked …

new whale species

An incredibly rare whale washed up dead in Florida

January 28th, 2021

The carcass of a whale washed up off the coast of Everglades National Park in Florida in 2019, and it sparked a mystery that is still ongoing. Scientists studying the specimen believe it may actually be an as-of-yet unnamed species that is critically endangered. If the whale is indeed a unique species, researchers estimate there …

worst drivers

Can you guess the state with the worst drivers?

January 28th, 2021

BestLife crunched a bunch of data to determine which states have the worst drivers in the US.  Using statistics related to DUI arrests, speeding tickets, and percentages of uninsured drivers, the list attempts to answer the question of which state has the worst drivers of all. The number one state on the list might actually …

food recall

If you have these veggies, throw them out

January 28th, 2021

Vegetables that are accidentally mixed with others and packaged without labels on the packaging can cause serious allergic reactions. A brand of yellow peas sold online across multiple states is now the subject of a recall because the packages may contain soybeans.  Soy allergies can be serious and even life-threatening, making this a very important …

NASA’s asteroid probe will be headed home soon with precious cargo on board

January 27th, 2021

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe has been orbiting the space rock known as Bennu for many months now. The spacecraft successfully gathered samples from the massive asteroid and will return that material to Earth so scientists can study it. NASA just announced its timeframe for departing from the asteroid. Despite a global pandemic dramatically changing the …

wolf moon

The ‘Wolf Moon’ is coming tonight, so don’t miss it

January 27th, 2021

If you need a reason to stay up slightly past your bedtime, tonight will offer you the first glimpse of January’s “Wolf Moon.” The Wolf Moon is the first full moon of the year, and the second of winter as a whole. There has been some debate over where the name “Wolf Moon” comes from, …