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Jonathan Geller

Founder, President & Editor-in-chief

Jonathan S. Geller founded Boy Genius Report, now known as BGR, in 2006. It became the biggest mobile news destination in the world by the end of 2009, and BGR was acquired by leading digital media company PMC in April 2010.

Jonathan is President of BGR Media, LLC., and Editor-in-chief of the BGR website.

What started as a side project at the age of 16, quickly transpired into 24-hour days and nights of sharing exclusive and breaking news about the mobile communications industry. BGR now reaches up to 100 million readers a month through the website, syndication partners, and additional channels.

Articles by Jonathan Geller


AT&T Samsung Epix i907 unboxing

Well, this has been a long time comin’, hasn’t it? We just got our grubby mitts on that much-debated Samsung Epix i907 and boy… it’s …


So… who got their T-Mobile G1s today?

UPS just came knockin’. We’re wondering if everyone who pre-ordered a G1 is getting theirs/or got theirs already? Hit us up in the comments, and …


Rogers 2009 BlackBerry lineup

Here’s what we got so far for you… Rogers is coming back into the mix in 2009 with a pretty impressive lineup of BlackBerry handsets. …


T-Mobile G1 review

Sure, we hit up the press event and got some early hands on action, but there’s nothing like a really solid review, right? We’ve been …


SlingCatcher finally shipping

There’s probably over 40 people I know personally that will be screaming all sorts of unprintable curse words because they have no other way to …


BlackBerry Storm hitting TELUS in Canada

Man, we might have to send our runner out to get another carton of cigarettes — this is getting ridiculous! In addition to our leaked …


BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac

Feelin’ left in the dust while all your Outlook-loving PC friends get all the cool BlackBerry stuff? Well, RIM has been hard at work on …



Just wanted to give everyone an update on the mess over the weekend and even into today… As I post this our Rackspace servers will …


Verizon BlackBerry Storm viral video

Remember that post we made about Verizon filming average people in public using the Storm and getting first-hand impressions? Well, we were right, and so …


BlackBerry Storm User Guide

While we wait for RIM’s ex-IDF teams to storm (har, har) the office, we’ve decided to share a ton of pages from the BlackBerry Storm’s …


Amazon Kindle 2 e-books its way to BGR

Yes, people. You’re looking at the first shots of Amazon’s Kindle 2. The follow-up to their popular e-book reader. Our ninja sent us a ton …


AT&T’s Samsung i907 is called Epix

Well, there goes BlackJack III… We just got a hot tip from one of our readers and it clearly shows what we all knew as …


Samsung Delve hitting U.S. Cellular?

We just got our hands on this snap of what we’re told is the Samsung Delve. If your spectacles are currently on your nightstand, the …


BeeJive IM goes live on the App Store

We told you it was coming, folks. It’s finally here, approved by the almighty Apple gods, and ready for your download. We’ll keep this short …