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Jonathan Geller

Founder, President & Editor-in-chief

Jonathan S. Geller founded Boy Genius Report, now known as BGR, in 2006. It became the biggest mobile news destination in the world by the end of 2009, and BGR was acquired by leading digital media company PMC in April 2010.

Jonathan is President of BGR Media, LLC., and Editor-in-chief of the BGR website.

What started as a side project at the age of 16, quickly transpired into 24-hour days and nights of sharing exclusive and breaking news about the mobile communications industry. BGR now reaches up to 100 million readers a month through the website, syndication partners, and additional channels.

Articles by Jonathan Geller


Best. iPhone. Application. Ever.

Everyone’s talking about NetShare, a new application that just hit the App Store but was subsequently pulled very shortly after. It created a Wi-Fi hotspot …


Want to write for BGR?

Heck, what better way to express your love for gadgets and all things tech than to write for BGR? You’ll even get paid, too! We’re …


BlackBerry Bold browser video walk through

Apparently the BlackBerry Bold browser walk through wasn’t enough to hold you guys over… we’ve been getting a flood of emails from y’all wanting some …


iPhone 3G giveaway winner!

Yes, we are almost a day late with this announcement, but cut us some slack, ok? We had to wade through practically 7,500 comments! You …


BlackBerry Bold browser walk through

Bored at work? Counting down those hours until you’re free? Hopefully this will help take your mind off of things. The biggest request we’ve been …


iPhone Device Software 2.0.1 on the way?

Every once in a while, we have a slow enough day at the BGR HQ that we sometimes put on our “nerd glasses” and peruse our web server logs …


BlackBerry Thunder live shots

Dying to get a sneak peek at the BlackBerry Thunder’s on-screen keyboard? Had enough with the iPhone madness? Check out these shots that surfaced yesterday …


iPhone 3G giveaway!

You didn’t really think we wouldn’t do it, did you? Well it’s happening! First things first… our previous iPhone 3G giveaway winner! We didn’t forget …


AT&T iPhone 3G shipment info

Tired of the onslaught of iPhone 3G news? You’re going to have to bear with us a little longer, friends. We just got word on …


Are you serious? Part 2

Honestly, haven’t we had enough already? Giz, you don’t want it with the kid, I promise. I never said it was delayed, ever. I said …


Are you really serious?

Like, for realz? You’re going after the kid right now? The Bold-breaker? Javelin-leaker? Thunder-scoopster? Kickstart-poster? I’m not even going to get into too many details …


iPhone 3G unboxing, bitches!

Have you heard of the new iPhone 3G? One of our Apple ninjas came through for us, and we’ve got some unboxing goodness for you …



Sorry, had to get that out of me. Since you know, they’ll be like 1,000 posts on this on every other site. You’re now free …


Nokia N78 giveaway winner!

We had some awesome responses, so thanks guys! But we bet you want to know who the winner is, right? It’s Robert M.! That’s right, …


Rogers’ iPhone data plan petition

So you’re Canadian. You want an iPhone. But, you’re totally unhappy with Rogers’ pricing for the iPhone data plan which pales in comparison to our …