A dreaded moment is when you flip a light switch and you see a faint spark above you and then the light dims out forever. Or if you have long fluorescent bulbs and they start blinking in the middle above your pool table or ping pong table. Having to move furniture to change a light bulb or stand on a counter is a complete hassle that no one actually enjoys. But there are instruments out there to help you when the time comes. A light bulb changer pole and kit can help you reach previous unreachable areas and assist you in unscrewing old ones and putting in new bulbs. This can save a lot of unnecessary effort, especially for older folks. If you’ve ever had trouble changing a light bulb, we have come to the rescue. Below, we’ve highlighted five of the best kits for light bulb changing in order to stop the blinking bulb in its tracks. Let’s take a look.

For heavier LED bulbs that you can’t get to


For a foyer or entranceway that has a light fixture on the ceiling that’s hard to reach, you should check out the STAUBER Best Bulb Changer with Pole. This extension pole extends from six to 22 feet and is light and easy to use. You’ll be able to handle changing LED bulbs with minimal effort and the Quick Lock technology is how it carries that out. This is a patented suction cup that is extra sticky and super strong, so it will grip onto your bulbs in order to take it out. There is a powerful thumb screw with an embedded steel nut that prevents stripping and you can use the included microfiber cloth to clean dusty bulbs. The suction cup won’t rotate, thanks to the press-fit steel pin. This is a handy contraption to have at home. This will also work on non-LED bulbs but it is not intended to be used with non-smooth surfaced bulbs.

Key Features:

  • Extends from six to 22 feet
  • Quick Lock technology latches onto the LED bulb
  • Includes a microfiber cloth to clean dusty bulbs

Handle recessed lighting easily

With the ability to change almost any type of bulb, the Ettore 48450 Bulb Changer Kit with Pole will make your life easier. This four-piece kit takes care of broken bulbs like flood, standard incandescent, or FCL. You can access recessed lighting as well as track lighting, and this includes a broken bulb changer, so you don’t have to touch it with your hands. The standard threaded end allows it to attach to any REA-C-H extension pole and it even comes with an 11-foot one for you to use.

Key Features:

  • Can access recessed and track lighting
  • Four-piece kit takes care of broken bulbs
  • Standard threaded end attaches to any REA-C-H extension pole

Find something that can do many tasks

You can use the DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole all around the house, as the telescopic pole has many functions. This can be extended between six and 24 feet and can reach high ceilings, walls, fans, rooftop gutters, trees, and outdoor windows. You can use this with many different attachments, including a light bulb changer, paint roller, duster or more (all sold separately). The new straight metal tip as well as a multi-angle tip comes with it and provide you with 180 degrees of rotation. You can retract it to store it with a press of the button on the handle.

Key Features:

  • Can be extended between six and 24 feet
  • Use this with many attachments, including a light bulb changer, paint roller, duster or more
  • Comes with a straight metal tip and a multi-angle one

For those who need the bulb changer and not a pole

Tackling most burnt out bulbs, the Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Light Bulb Changer Kit will get the job done. This has been tested for the toughest situations and is made from quality materials. The kit includes three different types of bulb changers: recessed bulb changer, standard bulb changer that can handle incandescent or screw in fluorescent bulbs, and a floodlight changer. This is used in tactical outdoor recreation levels. This will attach to any standard thread pole (not included).

Key Features:

  • Has been tested and made from quality materials
  • Comes with three different bulb chargers
  • Will attach to any standard thread pole

Smaller poles can be a big help too

Not all of us have a lot of storage, so the Mr LongArm Dysmio Lighting Extension Pole 4-to-8 Foot can come in handy. The fluted handle is specially made for a comfortable grip. It has external locking means, so that the pole won’t retract in the middle of being used. This is made of a 1/16″ composite fiberglass handle and an anodized 7/8″ aluminum slider tube. You can get this version in multiple sizes, ranging all the way to 24 feet. The bulb changer is sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Fluted handle is specially made for grip
  • Retracts to four feet and extends to eight feet
  • External locking components