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Best Wi-Fi Systems

In this day and age, the Wi-Fi router is perhaps the most important piece of technology in your entire home. Without it, none of your smart gadgets and gizmos would be able to >>

Best Alexa Smart Speakers

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa wasn’t the first virtual personal assistant to launch, but there’s no question that it has become the best at this point. Alexa is available for free to any developers >>

Best Hair Dryers

So many people out there think that all hair dryers are created equal, but we can assure you that isn’t the case at all. In fact, a bad hair dryer can cause serious >>

Best Smart Watch

The Apple Watch wasn’t the first smartwatch to hit the market, but there’s no question whatsoever that it’s the most successful. In fact, Apple is now the #1 watch maker in the world >>

Best Wireless Headphones

We’ve spent the past year testing dozens of different pairs of headphones in search of the best options out there. It’s been a labor of love, of course, and it allows us to >>