Dieting can be a really difficult task, especially when it comes to actually shedding the weight. You can think that you’re doing all the right things, like eating properly and exercising, but you’re still not seeing the results. That’s why the realization that your clothes are starting to feel big is such an amazing one. Buying a whole new wardrobe can be expensive, but that is what you’re aiming for when you’re dieting. But you don’t always need to get rid of all of your accessories too, if you lose a decent amount of weight. When it comes to your belts, you can add some more holes with a leather hole punch. Leather hole punch kits can be used when you need additional holes in dog collars, watch bands, shoes, saddles, and other leather goods. They come with different punch sizes to allow you to match up the circumference that you need. If you’ve had to throw out a belt recently or even thought about it, take a look at our picks for the best leather hole punch kits.

Best Leather Hole Punch Kit

With a new and improved design, the Skilled Crafter Leather Hole Punch is ready to tackle all of your hole punch needs. The wheel is clearly labeled, so you’ll know how big each hole punch is. The selections will be quick and easy and the process goes smoothly every time. It is made from hardened hollow steel for extra sharp cutting, allowing you to get through even the toughest of leather. The squeeze mechanism is simple to push down on, so you’re not hurting your hand. This comes with a free, see-through ruler and an awl tool to measure and mark your hole perfectly. This will also work in card, felt, fabric, tarpaulin, vinyl, paper, canvas, and a whole bunch of other materials. It also includes three spare punch plates and you’ll get free replacements if anything ever wears.

Best Leather Hole Punch for Repetitive Work

Grabbing a hole punch and having to continuously work it up and down to finally get it through the leather is a thing of the past when you have the Pro-Master Smart & Simple Leather Hole Punch Set. You’ll be able to choose your size in just seconds and the wheel will rotate quickly. It punches sharp and round holes of 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm in size. This is ideal for repetitive work, as it won’t cause blisters or sore hands because of the cushioned handles. The handles are non-slip and ergonomic. This also comes with three punch plates, an awl, a ruler, and an eBook with tips and tricks. This is great for crafting as well as for hobbyists.

Best Leather Hole Punch for Safety

Keeping your material protected, the XOOL Revolving Punch Plier Kit can work on a variety of surfaces. This can be used on leather, plastic, rubber, canvas, fabric, cardboard, saddles, and similar materials. The tool is made from plated steel that is high in hardness and good with toughness. It’s extremely durable with a spray lacquer process to avoid oxidation. The brass pad adopts the thickness design, guaranteeing safety. It comes with a grinding rod for easier cleaning. You can make six different sized holes with this. This also features a stainless buckle that you can flip up to cover the punch when you aren’t using it, keeping it safety stored. When you do this, it also becomes smaller, making it easier to pack away.

Best Ergonomic Leather Hole Punch

Easy to hold, the Diyife Belt Hole Puncher is a multi size punch. The catamaran design saves you 30% of energy with the dual lever system. This saves your strength as well and stops your hands from getting sore. This has steel with high hardness that’s durable, so you can use it repeatedly. The brass pad adopts the thickness, matching the design. Included with this is a ruler and a screwdriver. This has a 12-month, worry-free service guarantee and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Best Value Leather Hole Punch

With the General Tools 72 Leather Hole Punch Tool, you’ll be able to punch holes between 5/64″ and 3/16″. It is imported from India and provides a very cost-effective option for your workshop. It has six hardened steel punches and comfort grip handles that make it easy to operate. It is spring-loaded and self-opening, so you don’t have to expel a ton of effort to use it. it works well in plastic, leather, or canvas.