You may have heard people talking about how staring at a screen for hours upon end can dry their eyes out. Looking into blue light for extended periods of time can damage your eyes and prove to affect your sight as years go on. But there are ways to protect your eyes while you’re using the computer, especially if you’re a gamer. Gamers stare at screens while playing and competing for sometimes most of a day, so their eyes can take a beating. But getting gaming glasses will help their eyes and keep them playing for hours on end. Wearing these will help anyone sleep better, including gamers when they actually decide to do so. So if your job or hobby requires you to stare at a computer for a long time, consider any of the three gaming glasses we’ve highlighted below.

Best Glasses for Marathon Gaming Sessions

Participating in a tournament of any type can be a drain on anybody. But a gaming tournament where there’s real money at stake carries a bit more weight. To keep your eyes fresh, you’re going to want the Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses. These are the only blue light blocking computer and gaming glasses that have patented lenses, so you’re getting the best of the best. These are recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. Whether you’re staring at a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet or TV, these will reduce eye strain, fatigue and headaches. These have the Blue Light Protection Factor to tell you exactly how much blue light is being blocked. Fit for men or women, they come in up to nine different colors, including black onyx, cobalt, fire and ghost, to name a few. These frames are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit a person’s face, as the lens width is 58mm, the nose is 17mm, the frame width is 133mm and the temple measures 135mm. Each pair only weighs 33 grams and come with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth while being backed by a 30-day return policy and a year-long warranty.

Best Color Variety of Gaming Glasses

If you’re looking for a pair of gaming glasses that will be the most stylish, Livhò Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses should be your first choice. When it comes to specialty glasses, sometimes they tend to look blocky and not like something you’d wear out in public. But that isn’t the case with these, as they have a sleek design and are available in many different colors. You can choose from light black, clear blue, clear pink, clear purple, leopard, matte black, night vision, spring hinge blue purple, spring hinge flower printed, spring hinge leopard, spring hinge light black, spring hing matte black, symphony and transparent. Each pair is made from ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon frame material for durability and comfortable long-term wearing. The casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working. These orange lenses will block blue light and alleviate visual fatigue and help you sleep better. You won’t need to worry about blurred vision and headaches any longer and these frames are 100% risk free to try. You can try these for 30 days and send them back for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Most Comfortable Gaming Glasses

Glasses, after a while, can start to irritate your temples and leave marks on your nose. If you’re looking for a seamless and comfortable experience, reach for the KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses. You don’t want to have any eye health problems later on in life, so wearing these every time you’re going to be staring at a screen for a while is a smart idea. It also will be a time where you don’t even really feel the glasses on your face as they only weigh 20 grams. These filter out 92% of blue light and were designed with German technology to effectively block out harmful rays. The frame is made of TR90, a very robust but light material for an easily wearable experience. The nose piece is made with comfort in mind. These, like the other two, will reduce eye fatigue, headaches and let you sleep more soundly. Your eyes won’t feel dry after hours of staring and you won’t have to carry eye drops on you to keep them moist.