Frustrations run very high when you’re trying to do your laundry and something get destroyed because you accidentally mixed something that shouldn’t have been in with that certain load. Coming away with a pink t-shirt because you washed a white shirt with something red is one thing. But if your underwear gets ruined, that will straight up mess up your day. Underwear, especially lingerie, is expensive and you have to make sure it gets the proper care when it’s in the machine. Using a mesh laundry bag for your delicates will protect them and get them clean. Also, when you’re sitting in a laundromat waiting for your laundry to finish, you don’t want to pull out your boxers or bras and flash what you’re wearing under your clothes to everyone in the room. So if you’re in the market for a better way to do your laundry, take a peek at any of the three options we’ve highlighted below. Let’s take a look.

Best Extra Large Laundry Bags

Perfect to bring with you on a trip to house your dirty clothes as well, the Kimmama 2 Pack Mesh Laundry Bags will help you wash a lot of clothes. Both of these bags measure 24″ x 24″, providing you with plenty of space. It helps you meet your washing needs and can even fit jeans, pants, sweaters and other clothes. This reusable and durable bag is made from honeycomb style mesh that is heavier than most mesh. Soap and water can flow through it and the design rubs on the clothing more for a more optimal clean. The top portion has a rust-proof zipper that locks the clothes inside after you’re done packing it. The side cover can also protect your washer, dryer and bags. If you’re someone who has to share a washing machine, utilizing this will easily identify which clothes are yours.

Best Laundry Bag Set

Providing you with various sizes to fit all kinds of delicates, the Gogooda 7 Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags is a solid purchase. There are seven different sized bags, which make this an ideal set to wash your underwear, hosiery, bras, lingerie, stockings, blouses, pants and anything else that needs to be cleaned. These bags will protect your clothes from tangling and snagging in the washer while minimizing the chance the colors bleed. Each one is made from long-lasting polypropylene nylon, which allows soap and water to flow easily through it. The zippers on these will automatically lock, so they won’t open while tumbling around in the washer or dryer. It provides extra protection for your belongings and each one is made of rust-proof metal. The largest bag in this set measures 23.6″ x 23.6″ and the smallest is 7″ x 7″ x 7″. You’ll be getting sizes in the middle too. These bags are backed with a 90-day product exchange guarantee and a 30-day refund guarantee.

Best Laundry Bag for Bras

Proven and tested to protect your delicates, the Laundry Science Premium Regular Bra Wash Bag is easy to store and comes in handy immediately upon purchasing. This was designed by women for women and present a center opening, making it easier to take things in and out of it. This is made with a plastic frame with soft, micro-mesh fabric. The frame is a four ring, eight spoke one that is strong and double-lined. This protects the cups of the bras as well as the underwire, straps and bands. It won’t compromise the shape of bras. This bag is backed by a year-long guarantee, no questions asked, so it doesn’t hurt you to give it a try. There are two different options for buying these, depending on your cup size. The regular size fits cup sizes A through D and the large fits cup sizes D to G. If there is at all a doubt, it is recommended that you size up.